Casinos without Swedish licenses are fun

In addition to cooking, we have another interest - casino games.  In addition, after cooking delicious dishes. You can enjoy a delicious meal and play your favorite games at the same time. Today you will find a variety of casino games online. They are easily accessible, easy to play and really fun. If you want to try playing online, you must first decide which site to play on. The biggest difference is probably whether you choose a Swedish gaming license or a casino without a Swedish license. Keep reading to see why.

Casino without a gaming license - feel safe either way

If it says about a site that it's a casino without a license, that doesn't mean you can't feel safe there. In fact, it's not a casino without a license at all, but rather a casino without a Swedish license. This means that it is the foreign casinos that are legal casinos. The difference, however, is that there is no Swedish gaming license, so the casino does not follow Swedish gambling laws. However, it does follow the laws of the country in which the casino is licensed. This means, for example, that both money and personal information are in a safe place. However, it means that you can play in Spelpaus, which is not possible in a casino with a Swedish license. You can read more about this at Also, is a good source for those who want to learn more about Spelpaus gaming options, casinos without a Swedish license and more.

Casino Utan Svensk Licens

Play online casinos without a license - play with lots of bonuses

Foreign casinos, i.e. casinos without a Swedish license, have virtually no restrictions on bonuses. Let's mention this because there is a restriction on casinos with a Swedish license. Here you sometimes get no bonuses at all, and sometimes you get a bonus. If you see several bonuses on a Swedish-licensed site, that means you can choose one of them. In this case, they may differ in the size of the bonus, the amount of wagering requirements, the games in which it can be used, and so on. This is most often found on sites that also offer bets. Then there could be, for example, a casino bonus, a live casino bonus and a sports bonus.

However, there are many bonuses available at gaming companies without a Swedish license. You are often offered bonuses, freespins, refunds and more. It's fun with lots of extra money to play with. However, keep in mind that bonuses come with terms and conditions. How much money do I have to deposit to get the bonus? What games does the bonus apply to? What wagering requirement is the bonus surrounded by? How much time do you have to meet the requirement? There's a lot to think about before claiming the bonus. There can never be any real risk in playing with a bonus. The only downside is that sometimes you can't get your winnings from the casino. Read the rules first and you will know what applies. If something is not clear, you can just contact the support team and ask. They should be able to give you answers to all your questions. And if they can't, run away from the casino and try another casino instead.

Casino without a break - still play responsibly

A casino without a Swedish license is also a no-break casino. Gaming breaks only include games with a Swedish license. Even if you choose to play a casino without a break, you can still play responsibly. In some cases, you can still set limits on deposits, losses, playing time, and the like.

We recommend setting a budget for games before you start. Check how much money you have to spend on casino games each week or month. Then you only play for that amount and no more. Don't think you can recoup your losses. If you lose the money set aside for the week, just wait until the next week to deposit more money. In the meantime, of course, you can play for free. You'll find free games on almost every gaming site. Just click on a game and you can play for demo money. That way you don't risk losing money, but you can't win it either! When the week is over and you have money to play again, just put in some jacks and start playing for money again.

Payment methods - most are not always the best

In foreign casinos you will often find long lists of approved payment methods. However, these are not always the best. First, it can be hard to find the method you want to use because there are so many. Second, there are many methods that don't work in Sweden. Third, there are methods that can be risky to use. For example, paying bills. Anyone who plays against the bill risks losing money and then not having the money to pay the bill. For this reason, it is forbidden in casinos with a Swedish license to pay this way. Instead, many Swedish casinos operate only

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