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Kobe Classic Beef Product Review

If you are a beef enthusiast, you will most likely know what Kobe or Wagyu beef is. Kobe beef refers to an famous expensive beef that comes from Kobe, Japan. The meat is generally considered a delicacy and is usually the most expensive cut of meat in a steakhouse.

I had the pleasure of trying out two products from Kobe Classic Beef, a Canadian company based in Alberta that sells and deliver beef right to your home. The cattle are all raised with clean air, water, as well as undergo an extensive feeding program specially designed to resemble Japanese style feeding with no hormones or steroids utilized. Their beef are also dry aged between 14-21 days before packaging.

This is a 10 oz beef steak and is a smaller portion than what you would get if you order from their website.

Kobe Classic Beef should be cooked as naturally as possible. Just salt and pepper is fine because you really want to bring out its natural flavours. Whatever you do, DON’T OVERCOOK! I almost made the mistake of overcooking it.. 🙁

The cut of meat was extremely tender without any marination or tenderizing agent and literally melted in my mouth. Even with my poor, inexperienced cooking, the steak was tender, bursting with flavour, and ever so juicy. I bet if I acquired the skills to cook it properly next time, the steak would taste THAT much better.

These are Kobe Classic Home Style 6 oz Burger Patties that you can also purchase from their site.

Again, I used no flavouring for the beef except salt and pepper because the natural taste of Kobe Classic Beef should stand alone. I cooked the patty about medium well done which was PERFECT as it wasn’t dry at all. I spiced up my burger with some butter lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado slices on a multigrain bun.

Both the steak and burger tasted amazing and is definitely a worthwhile purchase if you enjoy premium beef. As well, it doesn’t hurt that they deliver to you right? One click of a button and Kobe Classic Beef is at your door the next day.

To see what other products Kobe Classic Beef has, check out their website or follow them on twitter at @KobeClassicBeef

Until next time, Happy Eating!

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