Features of war movies on 123Movies

Military topics have always been of interest to patriotic people and those who love history, battle scenes and heroic battles. On 123Movies you will find a lot of war movies and TV shows, which you can watch in decent quality online or after downloading the application.

Features of war movies on 123Movies

Features and specifics of the genre

On the portal you will find a lot of content dedicated to the Second World War: since the topic is extensive, it is a very fertile ground for directors, as you can shoot a lot of stories. When choosing movies, be sure to take into account not only the quality of the picture, but also your political views, views on certain historical events (most often directors are not objective enough, showing only one side of the story).

Films about little-known battles, about which you can read only a few lines in history textbooks, are very interesting. Many directors carefully study such issues, sometimes finding living witnesses to the events, which allows not to violate the chronology, accurately reflect all the facts, and the viewer - to expand his horizons.

War movies are released not only in the genre of action, with special effects, images of fighting and shooting, rivers of blood and frank violence. So, representatives of the fair sex will be pleased with the love line in such movies (for example, a very heavy drama "Redemption" with Keira Knightley). Some plots show how ordinary people live during military operations, and what hardships they experience.

Some war movies are closely related to politics. For example, the TV show "Nuremberg" shows all the subtleties and features of the world-famous tribunal of war criminals in Nazi Germany (but even here there is room for a romantic line).

How to watch war movies on 123Movies?

You don't have to register to watch. Just visit the site, and already on the main page you will see a section with genres and detailed filters. Thanks to this you can find videos of a certain year of release, choose a famous or new director whose work you would like to familiarize yourself with.

You can also simply select the field where you want to enter keywords. Enter the movie title in full or in part to view the available results. Since the portal offers a huge collection, you are very likely to find the right video.

Advantages of 123Movies for watching war movies

Here are a few reasons why fans of the subject are recommended to choose this platform:

  • Viewing is completely free. No money will be charged from your card, and your confidential data will remain completely safe - they just don't need to be entered on the site.
  • A large selection of interesting content, including action movies and dramas about military everyday life and famous battles (there are movies about various military actions, including events in Vietnam, little-known clashes).
  • The content is presented in high quality, so you will be interested to watch it from the TV screen. If the speed of the Internet connection is not too high, you can choose a lower quality, but watch the movie without pauses and long loading of the next part of the video.
  • You can leave your feedback on the platform and communicate with other movie lovers. Please express your opinion in a correct form!
  • The best and interesting movies for you can be added to your favorites folder to come back to them later when you have a few hours of time to watch them.

123 Movies is a great portal for military-themed movies that you can get acquainted with without limits!

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