Horse rides

Which of us did not imagine themselves with a certain hero from the film, who famously rushes on a horse in the sunset? Equestrian walks of any kind werehed by romance, allowing girls to feel like beautiful ladies, and representatives of a strong floor - cowboy, jumping through Prairie. Currently, horse rods are not uncommon, and in each park of their city you can meet these elegant creatures.

Now a little about the benefits of this sport. More Ancient people celebrated positive impact on a horse riding a horse. There is a general fascination effect on the body, but it is only one side of therapeutic effects. It turns out that, when communicating and interacting with this strong and smart animal, the human psyche is strengthened, resistance to various life situations appears. On a person, two factors affect a person with ride - this is an emotional connection with animals, helping to enjoy driving, and the fact that during the ride, the rider is needed by an extraordinary concentration of physical forces and mental state.

Here is an incomplete list of diseases in which horse riding is both a medicine and a prophylactic agent.

The most important thing, where this sport can help is a violation of the motor function of various kinds, as well as the problem with the muscles of the back and posture. Horse riding helps with some hearts and lung diseases.

In psychiatric practice, horse rides are used in the treatment of Down syndrome, some of the forms of schizophrenia, as well as during autism.

Contraindications. Horse riding is contraindicated to people who survived heart attacks or strokes, as well as women with some gynecological problems.

Basic rules, if you still decided to engage in this sport:

- Keep track of what you are dressed. For example, the shoe sole must be smooth, a heel is suitable for no more than 3 centimeters. Boots must close at least shin. Clothes should be fitting and easy.

- For a walk you should not take valuable things, or put them in a reliably closing pocket.

- The horse is a wonderful animal, but still not always predictable. Carefully follow her movements, it can easily come on your foot, not wanting to yourself.

- When driving, follow the correct posture, do not stuck, deploy shoulders.

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