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One of American director Quentin Tarantino's most famous films, the classic of the crime comedy genre called "Pulp Fiction", which is in the top ten on the IMDb list of films, is the winner of over 40 cinematic awards, including the Palme d'Or at Cannes and the Oscar for Best Screenplay. It featured great actors including John Travolta ("Without a Face," "The Swordfish Password"), Samuel L. Jackson ("Goodfellas," "Coach Carter"), Tim Roth ("Mad Dogs," "Four Rooms"), Amanda Plummer ("Kingfisher," "Hercules"), Eric Stoltz ("Butterfly Effect," "Fluke"), Bruce Willis ("The Fifth Element," "Die Hard") and Ving Rhames ("War Loss," "Last Fantasy").

"Pulp Fiction" simultaneously impresses with the intensity of its plots and confuses with the chaotic nature of the action. According to Tarantino's plan, the film is divided into three parts, and the first of them is both the beginning and the end of the picture.Please note that in order to learn about your favorite actors  and instant background check   at any time  Each of these parts is a separate story in which all the genres, images and attributes of an ordinary Hollywood movie are mixed together. 

Криминальное чтиво» - рецензия на фильм - Кино-Театр.Ру

The first of the stories is about a thug in a black suit, Vincent Vega, who walks the boss's wife:

- Do you hate that, too?
 - What?
 - Awkward silence. Why do people have to talk about something to feel at ease?
 - I don't know. That's a good question.
 - Only when you find the right person can you be silent for hours and still enjoy it.
 - That's not us. You and I barely know each other.
 - Okay, fine. I'm gonna go powder my nose, and you come up with something to talk about.
 - I'll try to...
Three tomatoes are walking down the street: mommy-tomato, daddy-tomato, baby-tomato. The tomato baby starts to lag behind and the tomato daddy gets furious, he runs up to him, crushes him and says, "Catch up, ketchup!"

Another story is about a boxer who cheats a Mafia boss, but by chance gets out of a serious jam:

- Whose bike is this?
 - It's a chopper, baby.
 - Whose chopper is this?
 - Zed's.
 - Who's Zed?
 - Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

The third story is about a couple of oddball burglars, a hysterical woman and a cowardly but poised man who try to rob a small restaurant.

John Travolta as the badass Vincent, Samuel L. Samuel L. Jackson as the Bible-quoting gangster Jules, Harvey Keitel as the intellectual wand-wielding Wolf, the cokehead Mia Wallace played by Uma Thurman, Ving Rhames as Mafia boss Marcellus Wallace, Quentin Tarantino as the henchman Jimmy - all these actors played in Pulp Fiction, probably, the most colorful and memorable characters in the history of world cinema.

The music for the film is assembled from the good old hits, and the soundtrack has been in the top 20 best-selling titles in the history of cinema for 16 years.

Tarantino's superb direction with perfectly framed shots, original and witty script with unexpected plot twists, gorgeous dialogues with trademark Tarantino dark humor, ingeniously played roles and Oscar-winning camerawork - all these components that make this film a cult in its genre and gave birth to a lot of fans and imitators. The age requirement to see the film is 16 years old or older.


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