Which drink would you prefer?

How many cocktails do you know? And which one do you prefer to order at your favorite bar or casino? Read our selection of the most popular cocktails and find out if one of them is your favorite!

Espresso Martini

The espresso martini entered the drinks market in the late 1980s relatively recently. But today the drink is more fashionable than ever and is a super tasty, more festive alternative to traditional coffee. The drink contains vodka and Kahlua in addition to espresso and is garnished with coffee beans.


The daiquiri is a classic and very tasty rum-based drink with lime juice and syrup. The drink is said to have originated in Cuba when the Daiquiri mining company could not offer its guests anything but rum and lime. To balance out the taste of the lime, they added sugar, and this is how the drink is still served today. Daiquiri is garnished with a lime slice.

Dry martini

"My name is Bond, James Bond" is the expression that gave Dry Martinin its real impetus! It is also among the most popular drinks ordered in casinos. Commonly referred to as the drink of the drink, it is usually served as a first drink or as an aperitif and is a true classic. Dry martinis are also easy to mix as they contain only two ingredients - gin and dry vermouth. Garnish with olives or lemon zest for a nice touch.

Tom Collins

The first Tom Collins recipe was published in 1876 by Gerry Thomas, also called 'the father of American mixers'. The drink, which contains gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and sparkling water, gave its name to a tall and cylindrical drinking glass, the Colling glass. Tom Colling's is decorated with a slice of lemon.


Manhattan is not only closely associated with the city of New York, the drink was also the first to be mixed with vermouth. According to history, the drink is associated with a banquet at the Manhattan Club in New York City, which was popular in the 1870s. As in the past, the drink still consists of whiskey, red vermouth and a few drops of Angostura Bitters topped with a cocktail berry!

That's the end of our list! Found your favorite cocktail? Or perhaps you've already picked a new favorite? Be sure to share your impressions in the comments!

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