Why is Soap2day home theater better than 123movies and fmovies?

I haven't used online cinemas before. When I got tired of watching movies on pirate sites because of the endless advertising, especially the built-in, I thought about buying a permanent subscription to movies and TV series. All that remained was to choose an online service and pay. But it turned out to be not so simple: cinemas provide different services, but the price is about the same everywhere – 299 rubles a month. Why did I conclude that Soap2day is the most profitable among the three?

Why is Soap2day home theater better than 123movies and fmovies?

To begin with, let's look at all the tariffs and offers that cinemas provide us with. Since fmovies was the very first for me, first we will talk about it. In my opinion, this is the most terrible online cinema. Since they do not have a variety of tariffs, a subscription for 299 rubles includes a very small number of films and TV series.

I have nothing more to say about this service, so we move on to the next one – Okko. It's already a little more interesting here, since there is a variety of tariffs in this online cinema. The first tariff is the Optimum for 399 rubles, which includes exclusive films and TV series only for Okko, Viju and Paramount, as well as paid TV channels. The next tariff is for 499, which includes the same, only there is access to sports broadcasts. And the third tariff, it is also the most expensive, for 799 rubles per month. It includes everything that is in the latter, only access to the Media Library and the catalog of the online cinema Start is added. Agree, Okko's service is much better than fmovies.

However, the time has come to tell about the subscription to Soap2day. I think this is the best subscription I use. I'll tell you now! If you want to use Soap2day, you have to pay only 299, but you will get not only the top movies and TV series. You also get access to Yandex services: music, taxi, food delivery and much more. The subscription is called "Plus". With its help, you can save and earn points and spend them on orders, taxis, food, even on the subscription itself. We all understand what it means to accumulate points. But how can they be earned? This is another feature of Yandex. They have a developed game with which you can earn points and spend them in the real world. All you need is to download the game, log in to it through the Yandex account from which you purchased a subscription, and start playing. Also, in addition to games, listening to music, watching movies and making orders online, you can earn points. I think you still don't understand everything. It's very easy to figure out if you buy a subscription and download the game. You will understand how much Yandex offers in spite of the fact that you just want to watch movies and TV series.

It took me a while to find a good online movie theater. I hope that you will choose the most convenient service for yourself by reading this article. Have a good viewing on https://soap2day-1.day/!

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