Burgoo (Main)- They Make Delicious Grilled Cheese

One day after working out with a few friends, we decided to
go to Burgoo on Main for lunch. There
was a bit of a wait but since the sun was out and shining, it wasn’t too bad
waiting outside. If it weren’t so cold, we would have even considered sitting
on the patio.

As we were waiting for a table, we scanned the menu and
pretty much all of us knew what to order before we even sat down! Haha

The interior was quite cozy and the restaurant was a lot
smaller than I had expected.

Burgoo’s tagline is “food for comfort” and my friend told me
they specialize in comfort food from around the world. It sounds like a pretty interesting concept,

All of us opted for the Soup
and Sandwich Combo ($15.00)
and I chose the Crab Bisque and Tastier
I would recommend getting this combo because ordering a cup of
soup on its own is already $8 and a sandwich is $12 so you might as well get
both for cheaper!

The Tastier Chicken contained “roasted chicken, melted Brie,
apple, cucumber, red onion and greens with house Dijon, served on multigrain”.
It tasted quite healthy and I liked the combination of ingredients. The multigrain
bread was good but a bit on the thicker side and was not as fresh as the baguettes
from Chez Meme.

I also wish I could have tasted more of the Brie cheese
because it went unnoticed beneath the overwhelmingly large pieces of chicken.
Otherwise, it was a pretty good sandwich.

The Crab Bisque was described as “smooth crab and red pepper
cream bisque scented with tarragon, finished with chopped parsley”.
Surprisingly it didn’t live up to my expectations. For a bisque, it was too
runny and I didn’t feel like it could compare to the other lobster/shrimp/crab
bisques I’ve had in the past. However, they give you a HUGE serving of soup so
you will definitely be full off it.

Two of them ordered the Sunset
Corn and Chicken
soup with the Dos
sandwich. Man, I totally should have ordered this! Their corn and
chicken soup was incredibly tasty and their sandwich was like gooey cheesy
heaven. I should have taken another picture of the grilled cheese because that’s
a winner right there. However, I’d probably share this with someone because the
sandwich gets very heavy after a few bites.

The total damage for me was $19 which I consider is quite
expensive for lunch.  Nonetheless, it was
a satisfying lunch and by the end of the meal, all of us just wanted to sleep. zzZ 

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$ ($10-$20)

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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