COAST Restaurant- Buck A Shuck!

So after Rae and I finished our Japadog, we thought it would be nice (and gluttonous) for us to continue eating…. at Coast for their buck a shuck! We met up with Dirtygirl as well.

We sat on the patio because it was such a nice day outside. Even though it was kind of cold and windy, the heated patio kept us super warm!

The fire was so warm, it actually kind of heated up one of my raw oysters! ><

The thing I always find irritating about Glowbal restaurants are their menu size! The menu is so big it takes up the whole table and makes maneuvering around it quite troublesome. 

Rae and I ordered twelve Chef’s Selection oysters ($12.00) to share from their Buck A Shuck promotion (avaliable from 3-5pm). It came with cocktail sauce, horseradish, two lemon wedges, tabasco sauce, and some other vinegary sauce I’m not sure of.

The oysters tasted incredibly fresh and were of a good size. I was quite impressed by the quality of their seafood (although I didn’t expect any less from Coast). 😛

We received a complimentary teaser chosen by the chef because we used a coupon we received from the previous visit at Society.

The teaser came with one mango california roll, one raw oyster on a bed of sea salt, and some teriyaki sauce on the side. It was also garnished with some saffron which gave it a nice touch. Personally, I didn’t find it too amazing and I think they used real dungeness crab meat for the filling but I couldn’t really taste it… 

The oyster had a very meaty taste to it which was very interesting! I liked it a lot.

We shared a Gnocchi ($18.95) which was made with marinated mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes, and burrata cheese.

This gnocchi was a hundred times better than the one at Society because it was not overcooked and maintained a nice chewy texture. The gnocchi was also very light and flavourful. Overall, I find the dish quite expensive but we enjoyed this a lot.

Since Rae is repulsed by cheese (seriously she is!), we got the burrata cheese on the side. I have never had this type of cheese before and I found out that Burrata is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. This was freakin’ delicious!!!! They must have made it in house because it tasted so ridiculously fresh.

Dirtygirl ordered the Lollipop Trio ($6.95). It comes with a “pop rocks” white chocolate cheesecake pop, a nutella cereal chocolate pop, and a chocolate “pop rocks” peanut butter.

I didn’t try these but Dirtygirl seemed to like them a lot. I’d definitely try these next time!

Based on these reasons:

  • quite overpriced
  • cozy yet modern interior
  • if you like raw oysters, come here for Buck a Shuck
  • incredibly fresh seafood
Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

<– fresh burrata cheese!

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