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Dunn’s Famous- Tons of Meaty Goodness

Dunn’s Famous is located in downtown Vancouver and they are
known for their authentic Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.

I met up one night with Diana (foodology), Gloria (i’m busyeating), Amy (foodqueen), Jenny (eatwithjenny), and Janice (goodeat) to give
this place a try. Definitely check out their posts as well as we all have
different tastes and opinions.

I was never too into smoked meat but I insisted on ordering
it because I felt like it was a prime opportunity to try the most ‘authentic’
Montreal smoked meat in Vancouver. I ordered
The Famous Dunn’s Reuben ($13.00) and I loved it! You get to choose
the fattiness of the meat which is kind of cool. Our entire table chose medium
and I think that is what you should stick to in order to get the perfect balance
of fat and meat.

I liked how their coleslaw was not drowned in dressing like
some other chain restaurants.

The Reuben contained smoked meat, sauerkraut, and Swiss
cheese on dark rye bread. I loved everything about the sandwich except for bottom
piece of bread. It was so thin that it started to break apart when I was eating

I ordered the soup of the day instead of fries and it was
basically a mixed vegetable soup with pieces of smoked meat inside. It was okay
but I wouldn’t get it again.

The Super Giant
Montreal Smoked Meat ($12.98)
was truly huge!! If you want a lot of meat,
come here and get your 8 oz of meat in a sandwich right here.

Jenny was the only person who did not order the smoked meat.
Instead, she ordered the
Hot Chicken
which had Two Rivers free run chicken breast in between two slices
of white bread covered with gravy and topped with peas.

It looked sinful and delicious but Jenny said the chicken
was way too dry.

The Super Montreal
Smoked Meat ($10.99)
has 6 oz of smoked beef brisket on light sourdough
bread. Amy upgraded her fries to the
poutine ($3.50)

The gravy was delicious and the cheese curds were fresh.
They didn’t “squeak” but that is actually how I like them. 😛

The Combination
that Gloria ordered contained Montreal smoked meat and Two Rivers
free run chicken on light sourdough bread. She chose seafood chowder instead of
fries as her side. She also agreed the chicken was very dry.

Based on these reasons:
  • their Montreal smoked meat is truly delicious!
  • if you want meat and bread, here is the place to go
  • very spacious, great for large parties
  • paid parking 🙁
Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

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