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Anton’s Pasta Bar- Well Worth The Wait!

Meta Knight first introduced me to Anton’s Pasta a few years ago and I’ve loved this pasta joint ever since. To get my hands on their
delicious and gigantic pastas, I have even endured their long line-ups in all types
of weather including blistering winds and pouring rain!

The restaurant is always bustling with customers coming in
and out, servers dodging each other while carrying huge platters of pasta, and awesome
flames bursting from the kitchen.

Their pasta selection is HUGE so if you are an indecisive
individual like myself, I would advise you to scan their online menu (
before heading there or you’ll likely take an hour trying to decide what you
want to get.

They always start you off with two loaves of cold bread. It’s
not very good on its own but Meta Knight and I always finish both loaves. The
reason we can finish both loaves is because of their…

Amazing Calamari Alla
Marinara ($10.50)
. We always order this appetizer so we can make use of the
bread. It acts as a great scooper for the delicious marinara sauce!

They don’t skimp on the squid and this is way healthier and
tastier than the traditional fried calamari so I highly recommend this!

For our entree, we shared the Manicotti Anton’s ($16.50) and it’s essentially chicken, spinach,
and cheese rolled in pasta. It is then topped with more cheese and baked to a
melty perfection.

We chose cream sauce for this dish and it was so incredibly
heavy. It doesn’t look like much pasta but it is surprisingly filling!

Overall I thought it was good but the pasta was a little
undercooked and the filling was not as moist and soft as I’d like.

This poor quality picture is from another visit at Anton’s
but I just had to include this because I absolutely adore this dish! It’s
Rigatoni Al Porto ($15.50) and
it has Italian sausages and roasted red peppers in a garlic butter sauce. 

Service Rating: 3.5/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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