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Moxie’s (Richmond)- Beef Dip, Korean BBQ Pulled Pork, and White Chocolate Brownie!

I am usually not a big fan of chain restaurants because I find them expensive (for what it is) and lacklustre in taste. However, there are a few that I actually quite like such as Moxie’s, Joeys, and The Keg.

I’ve been the Moxie’s in Richmond a few times last year during the playoffs and I had a really great time. I remember the wings were super cheap during game days and cocktails/beer were only a few bucks. Anyways, on this recent visit to Moxies, I ordered the Salad and Sandwich Combo in which I chose the spring mix salad and a half beef dip.

Once I bit in to the beef dip, I instantly regretted not getting the full order of beef dip. The house roasted beef was definitely the star of the show. I didn’t expect such good quality roast beef so I was very surprised and impressed with this dish. 🙂

Dirtygirl ordered the Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Baguette ($10.99) and she chose the spring mix salad for her side as well.

She was a little skeptical at first but she actually really liked it. The coleslaw nicely balanced out the tangy sweet bbq sauce.

I quite enjoyed the salad because it had grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and cranberries. It’s always nice to have a combo of ingredients instead of just lettuce and dressing. 😛
Tsa ordered the Ranch-House Chicken Burger ($12.99) which consisted of chicken breast, pancetta bacon, Harvarti cheese, tomato, lettuce, on top of a toasted kaiser bun.
She liked her burger a lot and it looked so good I might just have to get this next time.
Because we were at Moxies to celebrate Dirtygirl’s birthday, we asked for a White Chocolate Brownie bite. It’s free on your birthday! The only thing is, it’s quite small…
If you know anything about girls, it is that we can never get enough dessert! Therefore, naturally we ordered another full sized white chocolate brownie to share. The brownie is absolutely delicious. If you can only get one thing at Moxies, get this!!
If you don’t like whipped cream, you can do what we did and get an extra scoop of ice-cream in place of the whip.
Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$
Overall Rating: 3/5
Happy Eating!

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2 thoughts on “Moxie’s (Richmond)- Beef Dip, Korean BBQ Pulled Pork, and White Chocolate Brownie!

  • I remember falling in love with the white chocolate brownie the first time I had it! I was really worried that it would be cloyingly sweet, but it was perfect. I didn't know you get a free brownie on your birthday! Maybe I should go get one 😀

  • Yeah you should! I love birthday freebies so I know where to get free stuff on birthdays hahaha I'll tell you more when it's near your birthday! 😛


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