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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt- Best Original Tart and Red Velvet Flavour!

Frozen yogurt. This ‘guilt-free’ treat has taken Vancouver
(and North America) by storm and now frozen yogurt franchises are popping up
all over the place! Qoola, Pinkberry, Tutti-Melon, TCBY… and now Menchie’s.

I came here on two occasions and I really enjoyed my
experience both times. I like how the service was always friendly, I find the
DIY system efficient and personable, and the location is close to the
Broadway-City Hall skytrain station.

They have many flavours of frozen yogurt to choose from and
they provide little sample cups for you to try flavours out before putting it
into your cup. My personal favourite flavours were the original tart and red

The cups are all one size so you just fill it with yogurt
and toppings to your liking and the final cost will be calculated by weight.
And look! They have waffle cups too! I believe they are a dollar extra.

Here is where you can get fancy with your yogurt and
exercise your creativity. 😀 Just don’t get TOO crazy or else it can increase
the weight of your yogurt quite a bit (expensive) in addition to your
waistline. I kid. I kid… Actually no, I’m not. 😛 I heard it from Dr.Oz that “too
many toppings” is the biggest mistake people make when eating frozen yogurt because they underestimate the calories in these toppings.

If you’re not into the candies and chocolates, you have the
option of putting some fresh fruit on your yogurt! Both times, the fruit selection
was quite fresh so no complaints here.

This was my creation from my first visit. I got half
original tart and half red velvet for the yogurt. This only came up to $2.00
because I wasn’t feeling hungry during that time but wanted a little treat. 
Awesome, right? You can get as much or as little as you want with whatever
toppings you want, so you’re in control. I love being in control. 🙂

I shared my second creation with Meta Knight and this time
we stuck with the original tart flavour only. The circle things are ‘popping
boba’ and they are really fun to eat.
When you pop the ‘boba’, juice comes out and it goes well with the

What a cute spoon! By the way, they are surprisingly durable so you can totally bring them home and re-use them. I did 😛 Help save the environment!

Service Rating: 3.5/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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