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Soirette Macarons & Tea- Oh Macarons… Why Do I Love You So?

Soirette Macarons & Tea is located on West Pender Street
and is a 10-15 minute walk from Waterfront station. Since Yoshi came back from
San Fran for a few days, I met up with him at Soirette for some sweet treats.

In my opinion, the artistic designs and unique combinations
of flavours really put Soirette above any other macaron place in Vancouver.

When I first saw the exterior, I thought Soirette looked
like a spa or hair salon. Am I the only person who thinks that?

Soirette specializes in hand-crafted Parisian macarons,
loose leaf teas, and organic fair trade coffee.

They have a few tables for you to sit and enjoy the tea and
macarons but overall the space is not that large.

The colours looked AMAZING and I really appreciated how it
didn’t look too saturated (unlike the ones from Thierry) or else I’d feel like
I’m just eating pure food colouring.

Some of their more unique combinations include apple pie,
pineapple wasabi, mango black pepper, pink peppercorn, and black olive.

Yoshi ordered the London
and two macarons (Apple Pie and
Pumpkin Pie)
from their seasonal ‘Pie Collection’.

Both of the macarons were done very well as it actually
tasted like a mini slice of pie in every bite.
Look at how cute the macarons are! The pumpkin pie macaron
looked like a mini pumpkin while the apple pie macaron looked like a sweet
adorable apple. 🙂

I, on the other hand ordered the Lavender Tea Latte which was sadly a bit of a disappointment to me.
Maybe I am spoiled by the heavily flavoured lavender latte from Cafe Medina
(post here) so this one tasted bland in comparison.

My Mango Black Pepper
macaron looked super cool. Because of the one large black peppercorn on the
top, it tasted incredibly peppery but it was an interesting combination with
the mango.

The Caramel Fleur De
macaron was probably my favourite because of the sweet and savoury
contrast. The salt kicked in half way through the macaron and that was when I
really loved it.

Based on these reasons:

  • macarons have nice shell and great texture
  • not cheap for a snack
  • interesting flavour combinations 
Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $-$$ (<$20)

Overall Rating: 3/5
Happy Eating!

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4 thoughts on “Soirette Macarons & Tea- Oh Macarons… Why Do I Love You So?

  • hahaha it does look like a hair salon! You are not the only person that thinks that LOL. Would be a awesome concept tho to combine a hairsalon with macaron restaurant!

  • *Drools* Man I wish I could have some tasty macarons right now 🙂

  • Hoola, those macarons looks so good. I think I know where I will buy a box for my children. What flavor do you suggest that you think my chidren will love? Do they have tulsi tea on their menu and which tea is the best there in Soirette?

  • To be honest, I actually think your children will enjoy the macarons that my friend Yoshi had in this post, the 'pie' series because all kids love pie! And now it is just made into delicate macaron form!

    I'm not sure if they have tulsi tea but I didn't love their teas, so I would necessarily recommend them.


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