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House of Dosa- What the Heck is A Dosa?

House of Dosa is located on Kingsway and is an authentic South Indian restaurant specializing in dosas. Dosas are similar to savoury french crepes, but with an Indian twist. 😉

I know… It’s Huge!!

They have an amazing special on Mondays where all dosas are $5.99. Apparently, this special is so popular that lineups usually occur on Mondays!
Dosas on the menu range from $7-$14 so the Monday Special is really a good deal. 
R ordered Idli (~$3.50) as a starter and in case you were wondering what they are, Idli is a type of savoury rice cake popularized by South Indian cuisine. The cakes are made of dehusked lentils and rice, which are then formed and steamed. It tasted similar to Chinese steamed buns but with a grainier texture.
I ordered the Seafood and Mixed Vegetable Dosa ($5.99) which came with carrot and coconut chutney as well as vegetable sambar. The dosa was thin and very crispy, unlike traditional French crepes.
As you can see, the filling is only really in the middle of the dosa so while it may look incredibly huge to you from the outside, it is just perfect for one person’s appetite.
I enjoyed the filling very much as it had a lot of vegetables. As for the seafood however, it was lost in the mixture and once I did find a piece here and there, I realized they were dried seafood. That’s a big no no for me. Next time, I think I will go for something safer (like Palak Paneer) because it was overall a really cultural and satisfying meal.
Based on these reasons:
  • go on a Monday if you are cheap like me! $5.99 Dosas for all!
  • skip the seafood filling and opt for veggie filling instead
  • authentic South Indian cuisine (fairly different from the normal butter chicken I’m used to)
Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Happy Eating!

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