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Thai Thai (Hong Kong)- Thai Food in Hong Kong is The Bomb.

When I was in Hong Kong during the summer, my aunt and uncle decided to bring me to one of their favorite Thai restaurants, Thai Thai. FYI- the pronunciation of “Thai Thai” is what you usually call a married woman or housewife. Thus, they made a play on sound to infer that their food is equivalent to a home cooked meal. Thai Thai is located in “Dai May Dook” which is quite far from the central Hong Kong island. Nevertheless, it is worth a trip because the scenery around the area is just stunning.
We sat outside on the patio (in the blistering sun) because we brought along their family dog and that is the only area that dogs are allowed.
When my aunt first handed this to me, I was confused. I thought she was telling me to read the news but lo and behold, it’s the menu! Ridiculously cool.
Honestly, I love the use of images and all of the photos were vivid, beautiful, and wonderfully captured the seduction of food. I wanted to eat everything I saw. =.=
We started off with the Roti but it was called Naan ($22.00 HKD/ $3.00 CAD) on the menu. It tasted pretty good but lacked the buttery, flaky texture.
Yellow Curry w/ Chicken ($108.00 HKD/ ~$15).
This curry dish provided the roti with delicious spicy sauce without burning off my tongue. Overall though I think the sauce lacked depth and if it was combined with some creamy coconut milk, the dish would have been completely irresistible.
Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice with Pork Floss.
I sadly order pineapple fried rice every time I go to a Thai restaurant because it is just a staple Thai dish to me. Now I wonder.. do Thai people actually eat pineapple fried rice? Or is it just a stereotypical, unauthentic Thai dish?
 These Deep Fried Shrimp Spring Rolls ($88.00 HKD/ ~$10 CAD) were the bomb!!! The entire spring roll was filled with shrimp and it tasted wonderful with the red chili sweet and sour sauce. I love fried shrimp tails so I totally gobbled them up along with the spring roll. 😀
I forgot what veggie this is but it was alright. They tasted and looked a bit like brussel sprouts but with more leaves.
I had an awesome day eating Thai food, taking pictures of their ever so fluffy Poodle, and taking in the scenic view.

What a sight eh? Just beautiful.

Happy Eating!

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