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Gorilla Food- Eat Like a Gorilla!

For a lot of people, becoming vegan or eating gluten free food is always a reoccurring goal but it is never achieved. It takes a LOT of discipline and determination so I applaud all those who can stick with it! As for myself, since I can’t commit to eating only raw, vegan, and gluten free food all the time, I’ll just head over to Gorilla Food once in a while.

Gorilla Food is located near Waterfront station and serves only organic, vegan, and raw food. Nothing in this restaurant is cooked (think about how low their electricity bill must be!).

It has a really cool underground entrance with a sandwich board right in front of it. It totally has a hipster vibe. 😛

My friend ordered the Fairytale Tea because it sounded intriguing and magical. She loves all kinds of tea so this one hit the right note for her on such a cold, rainy day.

We got two things to share and the first item is actually an appetizer, Guacamole, Salsa and Crackers ($9.00). It came with a heaping amount of guac which we were both super happy about. The various crackers were all gluten free.

The guacamole was fresh and oh-so delicious with the crackers. The cracker shown in this picture is made of whole flax seeds and some dried tomato and herb that bound it together. It tasted absolutely amazing with the guac. Who knew gluten free crackers could be so good? We had extra guac after finishing the crackers so we purchased another side of these. Needless to say, we had a lottt of fiber that night… ahem.

We also shared The Mini Gorilla ($9.00) which is a combo salad packed with ‘delish and nourishing leafy freens, veggies, chili almonds, sunny-pate, olives, sprouts, avocado, almond, and super-food dressing.’

The salad was surprisingly very filling due to the sunny-pate which were made of primarily nuts. The sprouts were a nice touch as it always adds a different texture and tastes amazing in salads.
All in all, Gorilla Food is the perfect place to go to after a self loathing night of Ben & Jerry’s, fried chicken, and extra cheese pizza since it will cleanse and de-gunk all the junk in your trunk. Plus, it makes you feel like you are eating like a Gorilla and that’s always fun.
Service Rating: N/A (you pay up front at the counter)
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$ ($10-$20)
Overall Rating: 4/5
Happy Eating!
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