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*Ding Dong*. Sir, This is a Food Package From Kirby!

This is Peter from the Netherlands again! Last November I visited Kirby in Vancouver and as a gift I brought her a pack of ‘stroopwafels’. A stroopwafel  is a thin waffle filled with caramel syrup and I really recommend everyone to try it when visiting the Netherlands.

Kirby and some of her friends liked it so much that one pack of stroopwafels wasn’t enough! When I came back to the Netherlands, Kirby begged me to send her more stroopwafels and so I did. Sending a package to Canada isn’t very cheap, but I was able to send her two kilograms worth of stroopwafels for a reasonable price.  After one week, the package arrived in Vancouver and she was able to enjoy the taste of stroopwafels again!
In return, Kirby  promised me to send a food package with all kinds of exotic food which I absolutely can’t buy in the Netherlands.  I felt so excited and I couldn’t wait for the package to arrive. It took several weeks, but it finally arrived in the Netherlands a few days ago! 
So………. what do you get when Kirby sends you a food package? Well, let’s have a look at the pictures! . *WARNING! The following pictures may cause severe drooling and supervision of parents is advised*

The picture above shows how I opened Kirbys package. She had managed to put so many food items in the box! She also put a card with a personal text in it, so kind of her! 🙂

When I had unpacked all the items, I put them next to each other… 

Pocky chocolate sticks! Help me!!! there are so many Japanese words on it… 

These were the weirdest items in the package. It is called ‘Dragon Beard Candy’ and Kirby sent two flavors: Icy Crispy and Almond flavor. I tried the almond flavor and it was really delicious! It tasted a bit like cotton candy that you would get at a fun fair. I am curious how the Icy Crispy flavor will taste…

My first reaction when I saw this: What the heck? I tried seaweed in Korea before, but I had never seen seaweed potato chips. I can’t wait to try this!

The picture above shows macaroni with seafood soup. I have been with Kirby and another friend to the Australia Dairy Company in Hong Kong where we ate macaroni and ham soup. To me it was one of the weirdest things I had ever tried, but it tasted REALLY good! I guess Kirby remembered, so she got me this.

Seaweed! <3 It is really impossible to get this in the Netherlands, although we have a lot of seaweed in the ocean!

This is another food item that makes me feel excited. A few months ago, I bought udon noodles in Amsterdam and I proudly showed it to Kirsty and I said: ” Look how Asian I am!”. She said: “That is not udon!”.  I was a bit sad at that time but she was right: it wasn’t proper udon.

The picture below shows Japanese Ramen! I have no idea how to prepare this…, I’ll think I have to ask Kirby.

Last but not least: Shredded Squid!!! When I first saw this, my jaw dropped to the floor. It doesn’t look appealing at all, but I am really fascinated by it!  I showed this picture to my family and they freaked out a bit :-).
That’s it! I have only tried a few food items but I can’t wait to try them all. I’ll update this post when I have tried all the products. I would like to thank Kirby so much for the food package!
Happy adventurous eating! Eet smakelijk!

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