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L’Opera Patisserie – J’adore Paris

I want to go to France… No, scratch that. I NEED to go to France. Before yesterday I never had this dying urge to go Paris but after having macarons and pastries from this little boutique patisserie called L’Opera, I think I just about have to.
I am not an expert in sweets and dessert but I know what I like and I know when things taste good. These macarons, my friend, taste divine. It is similar to the ones you would get from Thierry, Thomas Haas, and Soirette, but at the same time, something about L’Opera’s is different and I dare say that little oomph they have in their macarons make theirs the clear winner.
This little patisserie is located on Minoru across from Mui Garden in Richmond. It is an unexpected location for a Parisian style patisserie but nevertheless, I felt like I was transported to Paris right when I stepped through the door.
You are hit with chandeliers and beautiful red and gold wallpaper right when you walk in. They did an AMAZING job with the decor of their patisserie.
Their croissants looked amazingly flaky and scrumptious. Mind you, these are not cheap pastries, but this shouldn’t deter you from trying it out because these croissants put the Costco ones (you know the ones I’m talkin’ about) to shame.
They use no preservatives or artificial flavours in any of their products, and they strive to use only all natural ingredients. The macarons? Made from all natural purees and fruit.
Their desserts range from $5-6 which is similar to the ones would you get from Thomas Haas.
I tried the Chocolate Cherry Macaron while I was in the shop and once I ate this, I knew I had to buy at least half a dozen more for later. The shell was made with 100% cacao and the cherry filling had none of that nasty sugar filled marachino cherry stuff. It was so fresh, light, and tasted like plump ripe cherries from a grocery store. 
They offer high tea for $25 per person from Tuesdays to Saturdays. I definitely have to come back again to try their high tea…
Needless to say, I was mesmerized by the adornment of the entire place from its chandeliers to the ever so pretty cases used to store their orange madeleines. 
My pile of goodies from L’Opera. I adored the small details such as the logo sticker and the logo imprinted bag.

I ordered the St. Honore ($5.80) which was described as ‘burnt/carmelized sugar puffs’ with flaky puff pastry’.

These little burnt sugar bombs had a deceivingly large amount of vanilla bean custard in them so when I bit into it, it just exploded into awesomeness. The burnt layer of sugar on top added another texture to be enjoyed with the soft cream puff.

I normally refrain from eating croissants due to the fact that they are not filling, yet filled with empty calories. However, I couldn’t resist with this one because the Croissant (~$2-3) just looked so beautiful.

Doesn’t the croissant look like it has thousands of layers to it? I heated it up in my conventional oven and the croissant tasted as good as it looked. It was soft, airy, and incredibly flaky. The real rich buttery taste is unbeatable. If I’m going to eat a croissant, I want to eat only the good ones that are worth it. 🙂 They make all of their pastries and desserts fresh and by hand early every morning so you know you are getting a fresh product always.
While macarons are naturally sweet in itself, L’Opera’s Macarons ($2.00/ea) will not give you a sugar overload because the owner said they try their best to use as little sugar as they can without sacrificing the taste. Health conscious pastry chef… what a refreshing concept! 

My favourite was the mango flavour because it was a burst of real mango in every bite. I almost didn’t choose this one because I was afraid it would be artificial mango but once she reminded me that nothing is artificial in their store, I got it and I’m so glad I did.

What a nice surprise to see a full raspberry inside the rose raspberry macaron! As well, I found a blueberry inside the blueberry fantasy macaron. 

Overall, it is apparent that I am already a huge fan of theirs and I will continue to visit their store for pastries and desserts. No need for me to go all the way downtown for Thierry anymore! If you go to L’Opera, you MUST try their macarons. I cannnot describe what it is about their macarons that make them so tasty but just trust me in that they will knock your socks off.

Service Rating: 5/5
Food Rating: 5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 5/5

Happy Eating!

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6 thoughts on “L’Opera Patisserie – J’adore Paris

  • Omg why do all these awesome new places open up after I'm gone. I NEED to try some of those macarons… Yes NEEEEEEEED!

  • Come back and visit us will you?!? Then we can check out all these new places with you! 😛

  • Me too and that's why I am even more thrilled that it is!

  • Will definitely let you know when I come back.
    Miss our food gatherings… 🙁
    And I'm so desperate that I went and bought PC macarons from Superstore today… no high hopes since it's $5.98 for 12 pieces.
    BUT I FINALLY found the Recipe to Riches luscious lemon cakes! Muahaha haven't tried them yet though.

  • Let me know how the R2R luscious lemon cakes turn out and if you like them!!


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