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Rajio Japanese Public House- Sea Urchin & Ikura Carbonara Udon

Food bloggers just somehow find each other even when we don’t mean to. Maybe its a food community thing. We just gravitate towards each other. Nevertheless, I met up with Foodobyte, Domo Is Craving, and LimmerZ who is not a food blogger but should be one anyways since he always takes pictures of food.

We went to Rajio from some izakaya eats. It is located in the beautiful Kits.

They have a radio theme going on and they specialize in kushi katsu which are skewered and deep fried items.

I heard about their signature gigantic steak but since none of us were in beast mode that day, we didn’t order it. If you do order it on your visit, take a picture for me! I want to see what it looks like!

‘Hum’ anyone? 😀

Complimentary Cabbage at the beginning of our meal. It had a light miso or sesame dressing which paired well with the mild tasting cabbage.

I ordered the Green Apple Mojito ($6.50) and LimmerZ ordered the Pineapple Mojito ($6.50). Both were incredibly refreshing and a nice accompaniment to our meal.

The Tuna Salt Tataki ($5.80) was great in that the piece of fish was perfectly cooked on the outside while maintaining a nice raw texture on the inside, but disappointing in that the soy gelatin sauce was poorly incorporated into the dish. It was hard for us to get any of the sauce so most of it got left on the dish.

As for the Minced Pork Poutine, there is nothing to write home about but it satisfied our bellies.

I was pretty disappointed with the Aburi Saba Sushi ($9.80) because I felt like it fell short of what could have been a great sushi dish. The rice was not compact enough which made picking it up with chopsticks difficult. As well, the Saba really lacked the robust, slightly ‘burnt’ flavour that is normally apparent on the palate when eating aburi ‘torched’ sushi.

The Fresh Sashimi Bowl ($9.80) featured a wide selection of fresh sashimi of the day and ours had ikura, amaebi, salmon, and tuna.

The rice to sashimi ratio was a bit off so we ended up having a lot of leftover rice.

The signature item to get at any Izakaya is the Ebi Mayo ($6.80) and they did a pretty good job here. It definitely was not the best I’ve had as the batter was lacking in crunch, but it served its purpose of keeping us full.

Even though I was trying really hard to watch what I eat, I couldn’t resist recommending unanimously ordering this dish for the table. Its called Sea Urchin & Ikura Carbonara Udon ($13.80). Doesn’t the name make you salivate already?!

It was rich, creamy, and had hints of the ocean with every pop of ikura (fish roe). I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and probably had way more of it than I’d like to admit. If you like the taste of uni or ikura, you will most likely enjoy this dish as well.

Overall, Rajio is a decent spot to grab some beers and chill out with friends over appies if you are in the area. However, because nothing particularly wowed me, I probably wouldn’t purposely make the drive to Kits to visit this spot again.

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

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