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Summer Night Market- It’s That Time of Year Again

The Richmond Night Market (near Riverrock Casino) and Summer Night Market (near Ikea) is in full swing once again so you know what that means… Meat-on-a-stick, bubble tea, and takoyaki balls are back.

I chose the ‘Summer Night Market’ over the ‘Richmond Night Market’ because I felt cheap and didn’t want to pay the $2 entrance fee.

I went on a Friday and it was pretty empty. At first I thought maybe the night market started to lose its hype, but on my next visit, it was jam packed and I was bumping into people left, right, and center again.

Corn in a cup is probably the most rip off item you can get at the night market but we just couldn’t resist!! I’ve never had FLAVOURED corn in a cup before so we shared a Large Thai Corn ($3.75) from Cup A Corn.

All the lady did was scoop corn into a cup and dunked a spoonful of the “Thai” butter (probably already infused with all of the ingredients like lime leaves, lime juice..etc) in it.

The corn had a cool twang to it. I thought the lime leaves and red chili pepper flakes really accentuated the flavours of “Thai” cuisine. All in all, its an okay item if you aren’t feeling meat-y.

Halal BBQ is one of the more popular stalls in Summer Night Market and they sell… what else? BBQ skewers.

They add a bit of theatrics to it with this awesomely dressed man. He grills the skewers right in front of your eyes and in small batches so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit for your meat.

We ordered two skewers of lamb and one skewer of chicken. To be honest, these were quite pricey. It’s 3 for $7 and we almost thought about not getting any. However, ordering it was the best decision we made that day because these were so freakin’ amazing!! The spice rub was heavenly and the meat was oh so tender.

One booth I knew I had to check out was the ‘Sweet Zone’ because they offered something that I can only dream of having…

DURIAN PANCAKE ($5.50). These sell out pretty fast so if you are a durian lover, hit this booth up first.

The entire thing is pretty much built off of layers of crepe, durian, and fresh cream. Our pancake didn’t look as high as the advertised picture but we’ll forgive them. 🙂

They use real durian!! Hallelujah!! This was so delicious we finished the entire thing in less than 30 seconds, no joke.

I didn’t take a picture of the food stall but there is one called Dan Dan’s Smokehouse. We got a Strawberry Jasmine Tea ($2.50) from them and it was really refreshing after a heavy meal of meat and carbs.

This stall sells ‘Noodles-in-a-bag”! The only other place I’ve seen this being sold is in Hong Kong (post here) so I was quite surprised to see them trying their luck here. 
Even though I only went to the night market for food, I actually left with some goodies that I am very happy about. Korean socks! I love the Batman.
Happy Eating! 

International Summer Night Market 國際夏日夜市 on Urbanspoon

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