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Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant- Art of Sharing

When my guest blogger Peter visited me from the Netherlands, I promised to take him around to try the coolest and weirdest food offered in Vancouver/ Richmond. He has never really had Hong Kong Style hot pot before so I brought him to Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant on Alexandra Road.
In the Netherlands, he barely eats seafood or anything really that is not the basic cow, pork, and chicken meat. No innards, no organs, no weird stuff. Heh heh heh. We were in an Asian restaurant in Richmond, so come on, you already know I gave him an experience he will never forget.
The soup base is an extra charge on top of the AYCE (all-you-can-eat) hot pot. We opted for the half/half (yin-yeung) which means you get two bases in one pot. For one we chose the Tomato and Mixed Mushrooms while the other one was a simple Clear Broth.
We got a side of Minced Garlic ($0.60), Chili Pepper (free), and Satay Sauce ($0.60). These condiments definitely enhance the flavour of meat so I highly recommend getting some to share.
This is something I rarely see offered in Vancouver and during the odd times that I do find it, it is seldomly done right. Its called Chiu Chow Fried Fish Skin and it literally is just fish skin, fried. They did a pretty good job here and I dare say the best one I’ve had so far in Vancouver.
Random assorted items like king oyster mushrooms, cuttlefish ball, stuffed squid ball, fish ball with salted egg yolk, mushroom fish tofu, udon, and wontons.
I really enjoy playing with my food so this Cuttlefish Paste with Masago was right up my alley. You mix the paste around and just drop them in sections into the pot. The cuttlefish paste wasn’t spectacular but it was fun to play with.
You gotta get Steamed Fish Meat Dim Sum. Its the bomb. These chewy bouncy morsels of fish paste go perfectly with a cold refreshing drink.
Here is the story about the Pig Blood (red cubes). I wanted Peter to try the pig blood without knowing exactly what it was or else I knew he would get freaked out. I told him to taste it and guess what it was and indeed he did! When he found out it was pig blood instead of red coloured tofu (his guess), he was in complete shock but he didn’t find the taste bad at all. 😀
I think I would choose to go to Cattle Hot Pot over other hot pot places in Richmond just because they offer these Deep Fried Plain Buns. Though they are just plain buns, when dipped in condensed milk, these deep fried buns become magical. Try it or you’ll regret it. And DON’T forget to dip it in condensed milk!

Overall, we had a great time at Cattle Hot Pot catching up on old times and enjoying copious amounts of food. It was definitely a great choice on a chilly and rainy night.

Based on these reasons:

  • must get items include: deep fried plain buns, deep fried fish skin, fish siu mai (dim sum), cuttlefish
  • come hungry because it is an all-you-can-eat
  • parking is a pain the butt (make sure you don’t park in the plaza across the street or you’ll get ticketed)
Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$-$$$
Overall Rating: 4/5
Happy Eating!

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