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Revolver – Bad Ass Coffee

For a while on Instagram, I kept on seeing people drink cold brewed coffee out of flask looking bottles! It intruged me enough to find out what its all about. Turns out, they sell them at this small little coffee shop in Gastown called Revolver.
Revolver is such a cool name for a coffee shop eh? It just reminds me of guns and manliness.

It is quite difficult to spot Revolver if you are just walking by. There is no indication that this is a coffee shop except for the small ‘Revolver’ sign on the window. My first thought? “Oh, this place must be hipster”.

There are only a few booths available inside so most people just seemed to grab and go. My friend and I needed a space to work so we quickly snagged a table as they were leaving.

We both ordered their Cold Brewed Coffee (~$4.50) which came in that bad ass looking glass flask. The cold coffee itself was quite bitter though not entirely undrinkable without milk or sugar. It is a good pick me up for the afternoon but since I am no coffee conniseur, I can’t comment on things like how aromatic or flavourful it was.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: N/A
Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Drinking!

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