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Ole Wings and Tapas – Dang Good Chicken and Beer

My coworker BB introduced me to this hidden Korean chicken and beer joint on Robson Street and I am so shocked to find that no one has every blogged about this place! 

This restaurant is all upstairs and their sign kind of just blends in with everything else. I can confidently say that I’ve NEVER taken a second look at this place having walked on Robson Street billions of times.

What I instantly noticed was how busy it was and how most of the customers are Korean. There was even a line up when we got there at 8pm. Ole is clearly a much loved hidden gem for Korean locals.

Some of their menu items are written in Korean only. But essentially, you get to choose from Whole Chicken (with bones) or Boneless Chicken. After choosing that, you select your sauce. It ranges from salt and pepper to honey garlic to spicy sweet sauce.

We were ready for a night of drinking so we ordered a pitcher of Sapporo ($15) and a bottle of Soju ($11.99) to make… Somaek! *Sigh*… I remember buying Soju for a dollar in Seoul, and here it’s 12x the price. 🙁

Edamamae to munch on while we waited.

We got half an order of the Boneless Chicken w/Honey Garlic Sauce ($12) and though the batter was slightly thicker than my ideal preference, the honey garlic sauce made up for it.

They use white meat for the boneless chicken so it’ll definitely taste a little drier than the legs and thighs.

We also shared half a portion of the Original Chicken ($12) with bones and all that jazz. I would suggest getting either sauced chicken or a side sauce to go with it because it tasted kind of bland.

Overall, it was some good chicken and it tasted marvelous with the beer. They just go too well with each other… 😀

All that came up to $60 per person so chicken and beer ain’t cheap. Especially this place. But if you are a lover of all things fried and alcoholic, I think you’ll like this place.

Service Rating: 5/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$$-$$$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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