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The Bookstore Bar & Cafe – Books..Whiskey Flights…Charcuterie.. What More Can I Ask For?

When my girlfriends and I were in Seattle, we desperately tried to find a pub or lounge near the downtown Seattle area for a quick drink before heading back to our hotel. After a lot of yelping and urbanspooning (yes, I turned it into a verb), we finally decided on The Bookstore Bar & Cafe.
We didn’t know what to expect going into this bookstore/bar but whatever we saw was definitely not what we imagined.

From the outside, it looks like half bookstore, half cafe. It has dark wooden accents and bold chestnut colours.

On the inside, you’ll see walls and walls of books. A dream for those who like to read underneath the sheets every night. Apparently they are all for sale so if you find a great read while sipping on your whiskey, you’re good to purchase it!

Also, you will see a wall of liquor. And I mean that literally. They have all kinds of hard liqueur ranging from the smoothest tequila you’ve ever tasted, to straight up whiskey in flights. They actually have one hundred and thirty plus varieties of scotch and whiskey.

Their small salad and small plates menu.

I don’t remember the names of these drinks but they were delicious. The one on the left was made with sour cherries and orange juice. The one on the right was made with whiskey and boy was the kick strong. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

We needed our greens so we got the Panzanella Salad ($12) made with toasted bread, crispy house-made pancetta, roasted cherry tomatoes, and vincotta viniagrette. Oh who are we kidding, there were barely any vegetables in this supposed ‘salad’. Nevertheless, this was amazing!! It was slightly acidic, sweet, and had great depth of flavour.

The Charcuterie Board ($14) came with a selection of local charcuterie, grain mustard, house-made pickles, and crostini.

Last but not least, we shared the Chicken and Fennel Ragu ($15). It was pretty good but wasn’t outstanding.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating:4/5

Happy Eating!

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