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Momofuku Noodle Bar – Crack Pie Tastes Like Crack.

I’ve always wanted to try Momofuku, the famous restaurant chain owned by chef-founder David Chang. They’re only in New York, Sydney and Toronto so I knew I HAD to try it when I went to T-Dot for a business trip.

I went to the Noodle Bar and Milk Bar because I mainly wanted to try their ‘famous’ ramen.

In Toronto, they have something equivalent of our “Dine Out Vancouver” where restaurants participate in a month long prix fix menu program called Winterlicious. What a weird name eh? Haha. My colleague and I opted for that and the menu was $25 for three courses.

They’re all about the communal tables at Momofuku. I ordered a Thomas Lavers Ginger Beer and it was spectacular. Really gingery and really potent if you like the kick.
I didn’t order the Chicken Meatball Bun but my colleague insisted that it was good. It had kind of a spicy Thai chili sauce going on.

I went with their signature Pork Belly Bao and it came with two THICK fat pieces of pork belly inside a steamed bao. There was such much fat it dripped down my wrist! That’s when you know it’s a good burger.

Their Dan Dan Mien consists of ramen, spicy pork, scallop XO sauce, and peanuts. I like lots of broth with my ramen (I drink it all!) so I was glad I didn’t choose this.

I instead went with the Winter Ramen which had smoked chicken, kale, squash, and egg. This was definitely a fusion ramen. A very poshy one too.

I think I’m too used to authentic tonkotsu ramen so I didn’t love this as much as I wanted to. The grilled onions tasted a little out of place but everything else was great. Loved the addition of kale too (my favourite green as of now).

I didn’t get to taste the brownie topped chocolate mousse but I heard it was delicious.

For my dessert I chose the soft serve ice-cream. Even though you can’t see the colour difference, this was actually half Cereal Milk, half Fried Apple Pie. Boy was this delicious. I would come back to Momofuku just for this.

You know you’re gluttonous when you continue to shop for food after being stuffed to the brim. That’s what I did. I shopped at the Momofuku Milk Bar upstairs to grab some snacks to bring back to the hotel.

Their famous “Compost Cookie”.

Apparently this “Corn Cookie” is also really popular.

I ended up choose the compost cookie and crack pie. You cannot go to the Milk Bar without trying these to signature items!!

Their signature Crack Pie is essentially a pie made of eggs, flour, sugar, butter and cream. It’s ridiculous. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so freaking delicious. Before I could think twice about how many calories I was putting into my body, the whole pie was gone. True story.

The compost cookie on the other hand was okay but I didn’t understand the hype.

The Momofuku Noodle Bar and Milk Bar is worth checking out if you are visiting Toronto. If you can’t make it for a meal, at least buy the crack pie!! You won’t regret it. Do you love to eat delicious food, but surely you are sometimes bored and do not know what to do after a working day? then try your luck at gambling. You can play roulette, card games with a real dealer and have a good rest in best online casino in Canada. In addition, you can have fun in the slot machines. All online casinos presented on the site pay out money quickly.

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $$$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

me after inhaling dat crack pie

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