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Evolve Condominiums & Roaming Dragon Food Truck Media Event

If you are at all into real estate, you would’ve heard of the high rise currently in pre-development in Surrey called “Evolve Condominiums“. What’s so special about this condo? It starts at just $93,900!
Now, I’m no expert when it comes to real estate, but that’s dirt cheap. Like ridiculously dirt cheap. Obviously the $93,900 ones are bachelor pads around 300 sq feet, but still. You’ll still own property. 😛 In the Lower Mainland… and not everyone can say that.
So why was I invited to this Evolve VIP Media Event? Because it also features food of course! Specifically, they had the Roaming Dragon Food Truck serve all of us before heading into the sales presentation.
Dat Basil Lychee Lemonade doe… SO refreshing. So good on a sunny day. Surprisingly, (and only because this came from a food truck) the assorted macarons were delicious as well! Thin shell, light custard, not overly sweet. Mmm mm!!

The Beef Rendang Rice Bowl with butternut squash, brown rice, and kale was super filling and can honestly satisfy any appetite. I’d definitely order this again.

Kirma went with the Fish Tacos and a slide of Colourful Coleslaw.

Now for the condo part. This 35-storey high rise is conveniently located right next to the Surrey Central station and SFU Surrey.

With sales centers popping up all over the place, all looking the same and using the generic marketing tactics, WestStone Group said they wanted to do something different. Enter… “In-Real Dimension”.

They introduced to us a revolutionary technology that gives attendees the ability to see the building and layouts in real 3-D. You can move it around, see it from all angles, and get a really good look as if you were holding a 3D printed model.

One thing they really tried to highlight was the community surround this area which I really thought was refreshing. They even did a little beer and cheese tasting (for the bachelors and beer lovers) to spotlight some local businesses.

 One of the bedrooms.


Their den. It’s a little small but they did some strategic placement with the mirror and couch/bed. Pretty cool spot to hang and chill in my opinion.

The kitchen of one of the two bedroom apartments.

It’s hard to tell from this picture but this is the bachelor pad that’s around 300 sq feet. With this design, they wanted to embrace micro-living and maximize the small living space. For a single guy or girl who doesn’t have a lot of physical ‘stuff’, I think this is okay. For most people however, it still might be a tad small.
All in all, I think the people at Evolve Condominiums are doing something extremely courageous. They’re courageous for lining rooms that are only 300 square feet in the Lower Mainland, but they’re even more courageous for pricing them at $93,900 when the average price of a one bedroom apartment is $290,000!! It’s definitely an interesting concept that might take over Vancouver as real estate prices continue to climb so I’m curious to see how the public responds to it.
Happy Eating!
                      My reaction when Meta Knight and I bought our 
                             very own apartment.. in VANCOUVER

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