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Hashi Sushi (Richmond) – A Little Hidden Gem

My friend Penner told me about this little place near IKEA Richmond that he stumbled upon one night and deemed it to be his little hidden gem in Richmond.
When he told me the name, I had no idea which restaurant he was talking about because I’ve never once heard about this place in my life. Needless to say, I was intrigued. Especially because I saw their 92% Urbanspoon rating.

Hashi Sushi is located in an industrial business area behind IKEA and is most likely earning their business through employees who come on lunch breaks or after work. It’s quite hard to find without a GPS so it’s not a restaurant you can just ‘stumble’ upon.

If you know me, you know I like picture menus. ๐Ÿ˜€ I also LOVED the fact that they had half order sashimi specials, with two varieties of fish too. Sometimes, it just gets a little boring when you have to eat all nine pieces of salmon sashimi am I right?

Hashi Sushi is also known for their specialty rolls, especially the “Dragon” series. They are all $9.50 and come with 8 pcs.

Even though this place is Chinese run (we could hear them speaking in Cantonese), I didn’t feel like that took away from the authenticity of the dishes and rolls. The place was clean, the service was attentive, and their prices are very reasonable. That’s all I ask for. ๐Ÿ™‚

We ordered both the White Dragon Roll ($9.50) and the Black Dragon Roll ($9.50). Obviously the White Dragon Roll appealed to us because of the large chunks of chopped scallop on top. Yum yum!

The Black Dragon Roll consisted of shrimp tempura, unagi, black sesame, avocado, and crab meat. The roll itself was good enough to eat without any soy sauce because of the delicious mayo and sauce they put on it.

I thought the portions were great and one of these specialty rolls can easily feed one person for dinner if they just want a cheap $10 dinner.

In addition to the rolls, we ordered the Salmon & Hamachi ($6.25 for 4 pcs)ย as well as the Toro & Salmon ($4.50 for 4 pcs).

Is it just me or is $4.50 really cheap for two pieces of salmon and two pieces of toro?? What a steal! The quality of the toro was also fatty and quite good. https://alloescort.dk/kobenhavn-piger/ Obviously not the best I’ve had, but it’s average.

This one was delicious as well. I don’t think I need to talk about how great Hamachi tastes. If you’ve never tried it, just try it once! It’s not fishy at all (unlike Saba).

Hashi Sushi is a little hidden gem in Richmond and I’ll certainly be bringing Meta Knight here for some casual sushi eats whenever we’re around the area. If you’ve tried this place before, let me know what you think!

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

hell yeah
the salmon and toro combo got me like

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  • It's walking distance from my work, at lunch there are so many of my colleagues here ๐Ÿ™‚ I've been there countless times as well. You should come back and try their lunch combo one day ( tho might be hard cause they are only open M-F ) but the lunch specials are the best considering the varieties and price! – A


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