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Golden Eats Seafood Restaurant – Lobster Sticky Rice and Dark Vinegar Spare Ribs

I’m about to give you a massive tip! If you enjoy the iconic Chinese Lobster Sticky Rice, you probably know it’s usually pretty expensive and it’s hard to order it if you don’t have enough people. Well, I found the restaurant that provides the best value and taste for this delicious and scrumptious dish!! Just keep on reading. 🙂

I started off the meal at Golden Eats Restaurant with a Broccoli, Egg White and Seafood dish. It’s one of my favourite dishes to order when I go to traditional seafood Chinese restaurants because it’s relatively healthy and I love anything with #yolkporn.

Look at that yolkporn!!! Eat this stuff with rice, and I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

So I did a little research (by calling different restaurants), and I found out that Golden Eats Restaurant serves this Lobster Sticky Rice dish for $50-60, whereas all the other more popular restaurants serve their lobster dish for $100-110!!! For half the price, the lobster certainly wasn’t half the size. Their dish comes in a big bamboo barrel (like it should), and fits a 2lb lobster, all cut up and flash fried, on top of an entire bed of sticky rice. The nice thing about this dish is that because the lobster is steamed and cooked in this barrel under a giant lotus leaf, all of the delicious juices that runs out of the lobster when cooking is instantly absorbed into the sticky rice. The aromatics from the sticky rice itself is just unreal and people who appreciate the pure natural taste of lobster and seafood will enjoy this.

To round off the meal, we ordered a Toro and Taiwanese Cauliflower ($~16) dish to go with our rice. I was a little apprehensive about this dish at first but it turned out to be really really delicious!

While the Taiwanese cauliflower tasted virtually the same as regular cauliflower, the shape was very different with it being much more elongated and tall.

This is also a signature dish at Golden Eats. It’s called Dark Vinegar Spare Ribs and it comes in a tin foil wrap, which is then cut open at the table after it arrives. The ribs are first cooked, then flash fried, then covered in a thick sauce. It’s full of flavour and even for someone like me who generally shy away from thick heavy BBQ-like sauces, I thought it was pretty well done.

At the end of the day, if you ever want to have Lobster Sticky Rice, I would recommend Golden Eats Restaurant not only because it’s half the price of its competitors, but because they do this dish a solid when it comes to execution. The lobster is never rough, overcooked, or too small so I’ve always been happy with my visits.

Service Rating: 3/5

Food Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Happy Eating!

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