Wish women to be a man

For many, such a desire looks ridiculous. Still: Wish women to be a man! Where, in general, could such a desire to take? But, if we compare the lifestyle of men and women, then they will receive an undoubted advantage.

Moreover, in life, you do not often meet men, ready to shift all the "home duties" on your shoulders. And women are completely fulfilling this work every day, not forgetting about their appearance. And the man will run away to

That's how life passes. A woman who does not give up his hands, brings comfort in the house and pools her husband with culinary delisons, and the man gives him a career entirely. In the works of the righteous for the benefit of the family, he spends time in the office, in automotive traffic jams, at the next meeting, on corporate parties, in a male sauna with friends, fishing, on business trips. Whose side benefits?

The advantages of men. If a woman could change places with a man, she would probably have learned that they were thinking about the female field.

Why are they so inherent in secrecy? You ask him affectionately and carefully: "Tell me, dear, what is the reason for your thoughtfulness?". And in response, indefinite shrugs. Mystery! At the place of men, most women would definitely become bosses. They are easier to advance through the career ladder.

In almost any company, with equal capabilities of candidates, preference gives a man. And with the same posts, a man always give an envelope with a salary a little thicker than a woman. It affects the old cave habit of encouraging the one who Mammoth piled up and not pay attention to the one who covered him, cooked, cut the skin for loose dressings.

As a rule, all the indignation of a woman about her depression pass by male, tightly plugged by the corks of the ears. Most women are familiar with how requests are completed about the increase in wages, if the immediate boss is a man.

Interested glance rises from knees to the chest, delayed on soft bulbs, and, after that, there are extensive reasoning. Something like: "Of course today, our company does not encourage an unscheduled increase in material remuneration. But, for his part, I could find some funds. "

After that, it follows the proposal to visit a male sauna, together to go on a business trip, go to the restaurant, to take in the office after the corporate party. What do you think is justified by the desire of a woman being a man?

But, and they have cons. Emotional pressure, constant striving for leadership, rejection of change negatively affects health.

Perhaps this is the reason for their short, compared to women, life? Their mood depends on the behavior of his "capricious man." And they will never be able to endure a child! Find out best legitimate slavic dating websites on https://eduzorro.com/websites/section/slavic-women-chat/ - dating websites rating based on real reviews.

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