How to grow bangs

Constantly changing fashion trends are reflected everywhere, and do not hairstyle. However, bangs always remain in fashion. Thanks, it is possible to radically change appearance at one time. The problem is that any changes over time are bored, and often the hair wants to grow as quickly as possible. There is a lot of ways to speed up hair growth. The most useful tips are given in this article.
The average hair growth rate per month, as a rule, reaches 1 centimeter. But by resorting to some tricks, it can be increased even to 7 centimeters. In order for the hair to grow as soon as possible, it is necessary to approach this question complex. To health and hair growth affects a lot: diet, care, special procedures.
General Hair Growth Tips:
1) Wash hair is necessary water sparing temperature, dry hot air is also not recommended;
2) once a month hair should be cut at least one centimeter;
3) It is necessary to lubricate the tips daily by oil or special serum, it is also useful to use masks and shampoos that do not cause dryness.
4) Regularly it is worth making a light massage of the head.
5) It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweet and flour, concentrating on fruits and vegetables.
How to make a head massage?
Massage needed a couple of hours before washing the head, since the sebaceous glands will actively work in the process, as a result of which the hair may look dirty. Massage should only bring pleasant sensations.
To begin with soft stroking movements, it is necessary to work forehead, whiskey, hair growth line, finished at the neck zone. At the same time, carefully make sure that the skin does not stretch. Next, you need to take individual strands of hair and slightly pull them against growth. Then four fingers of both hands need to be slightly patted along the same zones as at the first stage.
What products are useful for hair growth?
Good affect health and hair growth Products containing vitamin B12. It can be found in fish, eggs and dairy products. Also, the beneficial effect on the hair is calcium and zinc, vitamin A, E, B, therefore, it is necessary to make beef, carrots, nuts, wheat into its diet. Raisin stimulates blood circulation, and green vegetables force the sebaceous glands to work more active.
So, in order to quickly grow bangs, you need to eat recommended by products, to do a massage regularly, and also do not expose the hair with high temperatures. Best Eastern European dating websites on to find wife!

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