Advantages of Finnish wooden houses

The decision to build a new house is always one of the most important in life that you have ever made. For many people, this event happens once in a lifetime. The house should be built to withstand the elements, withstand hot summers and harsh winters, and everyday use. A wooden Finnish house should be pleasant to look at and after years, construction is underway for future generations. Trends in fashion and design may come and go, but a well-designed, well-built log house, a house made of glued beams will serve faithfully for more than one generation.

Wood is a renewable natural resource, the most environmentally friendly material, and houses made of wood have a beneficial effect on the health of people living in them. In addition, a Finnish house made of northern pine consumes two times less energy for heating than stone houses. Maanhonka, which means "Northern Pine" in Finnish, has a natural ability to absorb moisture and give it back, humidifying the indoor air when necessary, which means that there will always be the right humidity in a wooden house. This helps to raise human immunity, and, consequently, reduces the risk of disease. In these houses there is no plastic that releases harmful substances, the interior walls are also made of massive logs.

A good example, as a demonstration of the advantages of using logs in the construction of a house, can be a comparison of furniture made of chipboard (chipboard) with plastic coating and furniture made of natural wood wood. Comparing their appearance and listening to their tactile sensations, it is difficult not to agree that natural wood is warmer to the touch, has a luxurious look, and operation is possible for many years and even generations of owners. Log cabins of wooden houses provide their residents with all these advantages and much more.

Log cabins of Finnish wooden houses create acoustically comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environments for their residents and, as has been proven in studies conducted in Norway and Japan, have a positive impact on human health and emotional well-being. Also, when it comes to durability and protection from moisture, rain, fire and natural disasters, a log, wooden house always wins against wood-frame and stone analogues.

Among the wooden houses, it is worth highlighting Finnish Maanhonka houses, since the northern pine (the material from which the house is made) greatly benefits in strength and durability compared to other tree species. That is why in Finland houses are built from maan honka - the country is northern, the frosts there are not funny.

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