The Cheesecake Factory- Why’d You Have To Tell Me The Calorie Count?

After tons of shopping at Nordstorm Rack and walking around Pike Market, we girls decided to go to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I have eaten at the Cheesecake Factory several times and my general consensus is that their food is pretty awesome considering the price. However, the food is always quite oily and I tend to feel bloated/gross afterwards.
The interior gives off a warm and sophisticated ambiance.
They have a display in the front for their cheesecakes. I was just staring at the display the entire time we were waiting for a table *drool*.
The menu was literally like a book. It is freakin’ huge! For indecisive people like FW and myself, this is like a death trap. How do you expect me to choose something to eat if you give me two hundred choices? Anyways, they also give you a separate book (that looks like a menu) which gives you all the nutritional information for each item. Okay, when I was reading the calories on this thing, I wanted to leave. Almost every item on the menu is over 1000 calories!! The Red Velvet Cheesecake alone is already over 1200 calories.. X.X  I’ll just put down my fork now…

The bread and butter came first. It was nothing special but I liked it because they were served warm and had two different types of bread.
Us four girls shared three entrees. First came the Cobb Salad. It came with mixed greens on the bottom,and chicken breast, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, tomato, and egg on the top all tossed in their vinaigrette. It was ok-ay.. not great but not bad. I liked the blue cheese mixed in with the salad because it added really great flavour without being too pungent. What I didn’t like was the vinaigrette and they did not give us enough bacon.
The Shrimp Scampi was next and it consisted of six large shrimp, angel hair pasta sauteed with whole gloves of garlic, white wine, fresh basil, and tomato. 
The shrimp were sinfully delicious! They tasted so oily and fried yet so flavourful and plump. Mmm.. I’d get this dish again if only the angel hair pasta was a bit better. The pasta was too bland and even I, a person who doesn’t mind bland food, had to add salt. 
Last were the Garlic Noodles. This dish was recommended to me by Trixie a long time ago and I’ve loved it ever since. The pasta is full of garlic goodness and it always tastes amazing. I wish I never knew this dish was around 1200 calories. Totally kills the craving. LOL
All in all, this is a great place to eat and dine. With affordable prices and a vast selection of food, I’d still recommend this restaurant despite the oily feeling I get afterwards. I wouldn’t suggest coming here too often though because I think they put a lot of oil and butter in their cooking.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Happy Eating!

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3 thoughts on “The Cheesecake Factory- Why’d You Have To Tell Me The Calorie Count?

  • Anonymous

    the whole red velvet cheesecake might be over 1200 calories, but a slice of it is 630 calories.

  • Oh really?! I hope that's true because then I wouldn't feel as guilty ordering it next time. 😛

  • I loooveeeee the cheescake factory :D. I love the bread they serve and also the fried macaroni & cheese balls (starter) <3! I am so glad that there isn't a CCF here in the Netherlands, cuz I would get SO FAT. They should really reduce their portions…., cuz no human being can eat that much 😐


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