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Theo’s Chocolate- Organic Fair Trade Chocolate Factory!

Continuing on our little Seattle adventure- We purposely allocated time to go on this chocolate factory tour at Theo’s Chocolate (reminds me of Willy Wonka, ahh..the good ol’ times).However, because the tour was so popular and we didn’t book 3-4 weeks in advance, we got there only to find that the tour was full for the day 🙁 

Theo’s Chocolate factory is located in Fremont which is suppose to be a very artsy district. They have a few popular attractions like a statue called “The Fremont Troll”, an outdoor drive-in theatre, and a model of a rocket ship. I’ll show you pictures of these attractions later in the post.
Anyways, back to chocolate! Because we couldn’t do the tour, we just decided to look at the chocolate store located in the factory and do a little taste testing. Tee hee.
They let you try almost every chocolate bar they have  which is real nice. In this picture, they have Mint Chocolate (which was so refreshing and “real”, not the kind of mint you get in ice-cream), Spicy Chile, Coconut, Orange, and Cherry & Almond.
The chocolate bars are around $4-5 each per bar.

Here are the 70% Dark Chocolate, 85% Dark Chocolate, and 91% Dark Chocolate bars. I was so tempted to get the 91% Dark Chocolate one but I decided against it and got a Salted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar instead.
In addition to those mentioned above, they have some “fantasy flavours” too! The Coconut Curry one was a bit too weird for me.. O.O
Chai Tea or Bread & Chocolate anyone? Sounds cool eh? But when I tried them, they weren’t particularly outstanding.
I was mostly interested in their Salted Caramel Collection. They come in boxes or you can buy them individually.
They cost $2 per caramel if you hand pick them. I got 5 of them. 😀 I chose the Pink Salted, Grey Salted, Ghost Chile, Cherry Caramel, and Lavender (which is not shown in the pic here).
Here is the Lavender caramel and my Salted Almond Dark Chocolate bar.
Here are my five Salted Caramels! Yumm.. they were very tasty. The different salt on each caramel really enhances the flavour in a different way. I particularly enjoyed the Cherry Caramel and the Pink Salted Caramel.


As promised, here are some pictures of the Fremont attractions. This is “Fremont Rocket”. It is a model of a rocket ship and it’s attached to the side of a building. Weird.
Here is the Fremont Troll statue. This is located under a bridge and this “troll” is holding a Beetle. This statue actually freaks me out a bit.
Last but not least, this is the Outdoor Cinema! It looks pretty cool. The movie must be projected on the white screen at night and people can watch the movie in their cars. I’d love to do this one day. 
Happy Eating!
<– far view of the model rocket

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  • I disagree with you on the chai tea chocolate! I loved that one. I think I might buy a box next time I'm there. It goes great with some black tea 😀


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