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Deer Garden Signatures- Incredibly Flavourful Fish Broth!

It was about 10pm and Meta Knight and I just finished watching “Captain America” at Silvercity. We decided to go to Deer Garden Signatures on Alexandra road for a late late dinner (slap on the wrist for eating so late =.=) and because it was cold outside, what better way to warm yourself up than with a giant bowl of fish broth noodle in soup?! 😀

One word of advice, park far away!! We had trouble finding parking for over 20 minutes and in the end, we had no choice (and patience) but to park far away. The restaurant was packed even though it was so late at night and we had to wait for an additional 15-20 minutes for a table. Why do so many people eat so late? 

We both ordered the Choose-It-Yourself Noodle Combo ($7.50). You basically choose your own soup base, a type of noodle, two toppings, and a drink. You can also add side dishes for $1.50. To order, you have to write down your choices on a selection sheet (you can view it here).

Before we received our noodles, we asked the waitress for XO Sauce. It is fragrant and loaded with chunks of dried scallops. I never knew they had XO sauce until I read it on Food For Buddha’s post, so thanks for that because I get it every time now! 😛

Meta Knight ordered the Original Fish Soup with Fish Balls and Beef Brisket. He chose Rice Noodles for the carbs. He said the fish balls were great because they were very bouncy. The thickness and texture of the rice noodles were also very good so it made him a very happy man 🙂

I ordered the Tomato and Pumpkin Fish Soup with Beef Tongue and Home-Made Cuttlefish Balls. I chose the Korean Sweet Potato Crystal Noodle for the carbs because I love this type of noodle. The broth was very flavourful and you can tell they simmered it for a long time to allow the concentrated fish flavour to come out without the fishy taste. The pumpkin and tomato were perfect. It was not undercooked nor too soft and mushy. 

Look at the size of the beef tongue!! It’s huge and they give you two slices of it too! 

We ordered a side of Desert Chicken Wings With Ginger ($1.50). They give you three pieces and it was actually quite good. They were plump and juicy, but definitely still not as good as the chicken wings from Aberdeen food court.
Since our noodle combos came with a drink each, I ordered an Iced Milk Tea ($1 extra for cold drinks) and Meta Knight ordered a hot Horlick. They gave Meta Knight Ovaltine instead but once he told the waitress of the mistake, she promptly replaced it with a Horlick.

Based on the fact that:

  • you can never find parking anywhere near the restaurant
  • you will have to wait on average 15-30 minutes for a table at any given time of day
  • they use great quality ingredients and their fish broth is wonderful
  • their service is usually slow (probably due to understaffing issue)
  • their serving size is so large you can pack some home for next day’s lunch
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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