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Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck- Like Your Mom’s Grilled Cheese…But Better

So I was in the downtown Vancouver area today when I came
across a new food truck called “Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck”. I found that everyone
walking past this truck took a double take because the truck was pretty flashy
with its sleek design and cool branding. They close at 3pm and I was lucky
enough to be their last order of the day!

The truck was operated by three people, one of them being
the owner, Cindy Hamilton. I recognized her from this post by Sean’s Adventures in Flavour Town. She was very chatty with all
of the customers and her passion for what she does really showed through.

Such an interesting concept, no?

I ordered the Special
Of The Day
($8.50) which
included ham, cheese (forgot what kind!), and bacon on sourdough bread. It
comes in a neat little cone (reminds me of Pajo’s Fish and Chips) and is
accompanied by a pickle and a handful of chips.

When I took the first bite, I was SO impressed. I’ve
never had grilled cheese this crispy on the outside before! I almost wonder if they fried the thing! The bread was crispy yet soft, and the melted
cheese was just enough to not spill out of my sandwich.

It was absolutely delicious and for sure surpasses any type
of grilled cheese I’ve ever attempted to make in the past.

I should warn you however that their sandwiches are 1) gigantic 2) oily and 3) incredibly filling/heavy. Even though I tried really hard to not waste
food, I could still only conquer 2/3 of it by the end. If you are even a little bit health conscious,
I’d stick to sharing this with a friend and order an extra tomato soup on the
side. 😛

The chips on the bottom were pretty good and tasted homemade.

Since I was thirsty, I got a Blue Lemonade (~$3) as
well. I really shouldn’t have gotten this because it was gigantic and a bit
expensive. Also, the intense food colouring scared the heck out of me. 😛 I don’t
think I have ever drank something so intensely coloured since Mountain Dew Blue!

Also (and this is just the health conscious side of me talking), I
noticed that the Blue Lemonade drink contains 70 grams of sugar (28g per serving, 2.5 servings in a bottle)!!
 According to the American Heart
Association, men and women are only supposed to consume 37.5g and 25g of sugar
a day respectively (link here).  So needless to say, I’ll stick with water next
time. 🙂

Based on these reasons:
  • amazing grilled cheese sandwiches!!
  • a bit expensive for food cart prices
  • wish they had a half portion option because a full sandwich can be too heavy for smaller appetites
  • sandwich was quite oily to the touch
Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

image<– ah.. the good ol’ days 😛

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