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My Top Restaurant Picks for Dine Out Vancouver 2019

I can’t believe it’s already 2019 already…. Where did the time go?! But oh well, another year, another Dine Out Vancouver Festival! Did you know DOVF started in 2002? That means, they’re on their 17th year now which is absolutely amazing.

This year’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival is from Jan 18th – Feb 3rd, with hundreds of restaurants serving three-course meals for $15, $25, $35, and $45 per person. The cool thing they’ve introduced this year is also the Brunch option for select restaurants.

Now, before I give you my top restaurant picks for 2019, here are my top tips on how to navigate DOVF:

Pro tip 1

If the restaurant you want is offering both lunch and dinner, do the lunch. Chances are, they’re offering the same menu (or a very similar one) for $10 or $20 cheaper.

Pro tip 2

Compare the prices of the Dine Out menu vs their regular menu and make sure you’re actually getting a good deal. Sometimes going with the Dine Out option does not actually save you any money so you just need to do your due diligence if you’re planning to do Dine Out specifically for the savings.

Pro tip 3

Make reservations for the earlier seating (4-6pm if you can). Since the kitchen will be making the same dishes throughout the night, getting there early means you’re getting the fresh plates instead of ones that could potentially be sitting under a heat lamp for a while. Also avoiding the mad rush of 6-8pm means you’ll likely get better service and wait less for your food!

Finally, here are my top recommendations for each category:

$15 Menu

Cavu Kitchen Bar Lunch
Fanny Bay Oyster Lunch (Duck Confit Poutine? Get outta here…)
Popina Canteen Lunch (Their Fried Chicken sandwich is bomb and you’re basically getting their Puffcream dessert for free which is really awesome)
Neptune Chinese Kitchen Coquitlam Dinner

$25 Menu

Fable Kitchen Lunch (great value)
Fable Diner Dinner
Honey Salt Lunch
Market by Jean Georges Lunch (Black Truffle Pizza or Seafood Risotto)
Milltown Bar & Grill Dinner
Flying Beaver Bar & Grill Dinner

$35 Menu

Fable Kitchen Dinner
Maenam Lunch
Chewies Dinner (They have deep fried frog legs as an appy!)
The Shoestring Cafe Dinner (never been here so don’t know if they can execute but their menu looks good)
Sopra Sotto Dinner

$45 Menu

Maenam Dinner (I’ve been before and it was absolutely delicious. Features, giving you a fresh, radiant, impurity-free complexion It blends smoothly onto skin Dermatologist tested and 100 percent authentic Valmont Prime Renewing Pack Non-drying cream mask free fragrance and coloring agents Absorbs excess sebum Eliminates impurities Enhances the action of regulating serum Corrects imbalances in defenseless skin. Preferably in the evening, apply a thick layer on a clean and slightly wet skin, carefully avoiding the eye contour. Leave for 20 minutes, remove with soft tissue and rinse off with lukewarm water. Depending on skin needs, treat the entire face or only the middle zone. It’s done family style but they basically just make sure your entire group is super full and happy by the end of the night)
Atlas Steak + Fish Dinner
Forage Dinner
Coquille Dinner
Market by Jean Georges Dinner
The Flying Pig Olympic Village Dinner

These recommendations are based on my own experience and knowledge of what each individual restaurant and menu offers. In the next week, I will also be posting my full review on 3 DOV restaurants that I was able to visit during the Dine Out Vancouver media preview! Stay tuned for those… 🙂


Happy Eating!

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you’re telling me I have to go through hundreds of menus just to pick a few ones to recommend…?

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