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Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ- Healthy AND Delicious

Last week, Rae, Yoshi, and I went on a food cart binge and tried out five different food carts in one sitting! It was a bit savage. We ate continuously for 3 hours… 😛

The first food cart we visited was the ‘Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ’ because it was recommended to me by Sean of Sean’s Adventures in Flavour Town.

Mangal Kiss’ main item is the Shishliks ($7.00). The menu looked confusing at first and it took us a while to understand it even with Phyllis’ (I believe is the owner) help. But you basically choose either the Fraser Valley rib eye or the Rossdown Farms chicken and the rest will take care of itself. If you don’t request anything else, you will get all the vegetables (hummus, tahini, purple cabbage, beets, radish, onions…etc) and sauces (spicy and savoury mango sauce, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce) in your wrap.

Phyllis was incredibly friendly and chatty . He even offered to split the wrap into two mini ones for Rae and I! He’s so nice. 🙂

Seasoning in action!

The result! This is one Rib Eye Shishlik wrap split into two because Rae and I were sharing. Still looks huge, no?

I LOVED how there were so many vegetables in the wrap! The rib eye portion was small but it was extremely tender and seasoned. It also balanced very well with all the Middle Eastern spices and vegetables. I will be returning for sure, and perhaps next time, I’ll try one of their homemade soups as well!

Based on these reasons:
  • makes for a healthy and delicious lunch
  • their ingredients are all local
  • service is awesome
  • the Middle Eastern spices and flavours are so unique!

Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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