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Beard Papa’s (No.3 and Westminster) – Relax.. Enjoy… Cream Puffs…

Beard Papa’s recently opened up their third location in Richmond! It’s very different from the usual ones at either the food court or the mall. It’s not a stall, it’s an actual “Beard Papa’s Cafe”.

Every time I pass by the cafe, I see a lot of people dining there but I couldn’t wrap my head around how it could be a cafe. It seemed like such a grab-n-go place.

Meta Knight and I were guided to our seats and given a menu. It’s different from the menu on the board which makes it a little confusing. Also they have a display case full of additional cakes and desserts you can choose from. But that is also not on the menu so you just have to go up to the case and look.
One thing that stood out to me were there “Floral Mochi Waffles”. I’ve been seeing these on instagram for weeks now and really wanted to try it! Unfortunately we weren’t hungry enough so we’ll save it for next time. I’m assuming the waffles are made with some glutinous rice flour instead of wheat flour which makes them taste like mochi. 😀

Perfect afternoon snack for two. 🙂

The Cheesecake Stick (~$2.50) was really light and fluffy. Definitely a very authentic Japanese cheesecake which should not be mistaken for the heavier, dense, cream cheesey ones we’re used to ex. the ones from Trees Organic.

We had absolutely no expectations for the Caramel Latte ($3.95) but it blew our mind! First off, how pretty are the three layers?? Everything tastes better when it’s visually pleasing.
It wasn’t too sweet at all which was my biggest worry. I highly recommend this.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without sharing a Cream Puff (~$2). We chose the Green Tea flavour and it didn’t disappoint.

The matcha flavour was strong and as you can see, they stuffed that baby up to the brim.

We surprisingly had a really good time at Beard Papa’s and will definitely be returning for their waffles. If I ever have to find a place to chill for a couple hours or have a light afternoon tea with a girlfriend, Официальный сайт для игры на реальные деньги в казино Спин Вин – I’ll choose this place.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

I love tea… and coffee..

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2 thoughts on “Beard Papa’s (No.3 and Westminster) – Relax.. Enjoy… Cream Puffs…

  • Been wanting to try this place! How is this compared to Teppan Kitchen at Aberdeen foodcourt? Visually the food looks very similar!

  • Yeah its pretty much the same actually 😛 though the pepper beef rice is slightly better than teppan kitchen 🙂 you should try it at least once!! Lemme know what you think l!


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