BurgersBurnabyRating: 3.5/5

Fatburger (Burnaby)- Home Of The Amazing Grilled Chicken Burger

Fatburger has always been on my to-go list purely because of
the name and their slogan, “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”. With a slogan like
that, I wanted to try it out and see how great (and fat, harhar) their burgers
really were!

Meta Knight ordered the special of the day which was called
Big Fat Deal ($9.99). His meal
consists of a
Bacon Double Cheeseburger with
bottomless soda and fries.

I on the other hand ordered the Classic Grilled Chicken Meal with Poutine ($7.29+2.49+5.99).
I didn’t seem to have saved any money by ordering a meal so I should have
just gotten the poutine and no pop since I filled it up with water anyways.

You pay for your food at the counter first before sitting
down so it had a very casual and fast food atmosphere.

Here is my water with lemon and Meta Knight made a pretty
cool concoction of half lemonade and half sprite. It tasted pretty good!

My grilled chicken sandwich with poutine! By the way, this
meal was not cheap as both of our meals ended up costing us roughly $30!
And that’s with self seating and a fast food atmosphere.

Don’t let the whole wheat bun fool ya. This mighty burger
was satisfying, delicious, and definitely a two hander. 
It actually went from a two hander to a knife and forker because it was that big and messy! I can’t stress how delicious this was…highly recommended!

The poutine was pretty good, but definitely not worth six
bucks. Fritz on Davie Street is ten times better but this satisfied my craving
for the time being.

The cheese curds were very melty and definitely not the
squeaky kind.

Now this could be a good or bad thing depending on
how you like your poutine, but I personally thought there was WAY too much gravy. Made my bottom fries cold and soggy. 

Meta Knight’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger is exactly as it
sounds… two patties, cheese, and few slices of bacon. Surprisingly, it was not as oily and fatty as I imagined “Fatburger” to be.

He really enjoyed his burger and almost couldn’t finish it
because it was that filling!

Just another shot of the burger to make you really hungry
from reading this post. Muahahaha.

I don’t think these fries were double fried 🙁 but they were
crispy enough for my liking. Nothing too special but got the job done.

Overall, I really enjoyed Fatburger and I would rate it above Red Robins if we’re only talking about burger franchises. I highly recommend the grilled chicken burger because even Meta Knight thought mine was better than his double cheeseburger!

Service Rating: N/A
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$ ($10-$20)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!


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2 thoughts on “Fatburger (Burnaby)- Home Of The Amazing Grilled Chicken Burger

  • I'm sure Krispymilk would enjoy all that gravy on the poutine! haha!

    I have a groupon for fatburger! I still haven't tried it either!

  • Haha I know! I thought of her when I saw all that gravy in the poutine! Oh my gosh you should try it soon 🙂 It's really good, I think you'll enjoy it 😉


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