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Eagles Buffet- Great Selection of Desserts!

I always enjoy going to the Eagles Buffet at Tulalip Casino whenever I am in the Seattle area. I know the buffet isn’t spectacular and surely incomparable to the Vegas buffets, however, it’s not a bad alternative.

Meta Knight has never been here before so I took advantage of the opportunity and came here with him a few weeks ago on our day trip to the US.

The interior is nice and the seating is quite comfortable as well.

I ordered a hot tea and I was surprised to find a nice selection of teas instead of just plain English Breakfast or Earl Grey.

They have lasagna,fruits, onion rings…etc

The salad selection was really great so I piled up on the veggies which is quite rare for me during buffets haha. They also have cottage cheese!! 😀 Their smoked salmon pasta was a little bland but delicious nonetheless.

They have a Mongolian grill where you choose the raw ingredients and put it in a bowl, and the chef behind the counter will grill it all for you. I didn’t go for it this time because I tried it on my last visit and thought it was super medicore.

They also have pizza but of course I didn’t touch it. 😀 A true glutton does not waste their stomach space for such filling carbs!

They also had yummy southern fried chicken, pot roast, mashed potatoes, and a mexico nacho station!

Lo and behold, my beautiful nachos!

They have really good (but a bit dry) salmon.

The left is cabbage and bacon and the right is… PULLED PORK! Yum…

I took the pulled pork and put it on the nachos to make “Pulled Pork Nachos”! It was absolutely delicious… 😀

Just some ham and fried rice.

Their dessert selection really improved over the years! Before, they only had lacklustre desserts, but now they are all pretty good!

Take a look at that. You have to save room for dessert.

Bread pudding on the left. Peanut butter brownie on the top. Fruits on the right.

Their pumpkin pie was surprisingly really good! I didn’t think it was going to be that good but the pumpkin flavour was very prominent.

This was the most indulgent, light, delicious, chocolatey pie ever. It’s a chocolate mousse pie and I HIGHLY recommend this.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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5 thoughts on “Eagles Buffet- Great Selection of Desserts!

  • How much was it per person? I think I've been there a few times, but it looks different from how I remember it…

  • For lunch it was $12.95! Very cheap! Yeah it never was that good before but they recently renovated some stuff and changed a few things so it's a lot better now!

  • I always go there whenever i go to the outlets! There is always a long line-up whenever i go! but sadly i go there very often and they never really change there menu, i got bored for it fast, but I especially like to take a waffle bowl from the ice-cream section and just fill it up with mini smarties and take it when i leave XD (such a asian move there)so when i get hunger again during the car ride i have smarties to eat.

  • Oh my gosh what a neat idea!! I totally never thought about doing that before… I'm so going to do that next time! Thanks for the tip Twin-Aquarius! 😀


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