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Kumare (Re-visit)- Yummy Yummy In My Tummy

This is a revisit post on Kumare in Richmond which is my
favourite Filipino restaurant. I reviewed Kumare a while ago and surprisingly
it was one of the first posts I’ve ever written on my blog (
check it out here).

I noticed a few new items on their menu but unfortunately we
didn’t order any this time.

These desserts look a little carb heavy, don’t they? But I
bet they are tasty. 😛

We ordered a Large
Garlic Rice ($4.00)
to share and it was actually enough rice for the five
of us. I highly recommend the java rice as well if you like flavourful rice.

Honestly, I don’t remember where I heard it from, but someone
credible told me that the
was good. Dinuguan is pork blood stew and when I suggested it, half
the table went “Ewww!!”. However, we somehow ended up ordering it which was
perfect because I was very excited to try it! I love eating innards. When it
comes to animals, I’m a ‘eat-every-part-of-the-animal-or-else-don’t-kill-it”
type of person. Everyone who tried this thought it was surprisingly good and
not repulsive at all.

The Sizzling Pork
Sisig ($8.00)
is always a must have whenever my friends and I go to Kumare.
It contained minced pork served on a hot plate with an egg cracked on top. The
word pork here is used very loosely though as it not only contains the meat,
but also snout, ear, guts…etc. Awesome. 🙂

Their BBQ Chicken ($3.75)
and BBQ Pork ($3.25) skewers are
delicious and always grilled perfectly.

In our attempt to get some veggies into our diet, we ordered
Laing ($8.00) which are taro
leaves cooked in spicy coconut milk. The closest thing I can relate this to is
creamed spinach but it honestly tastes completely different. It was
delightfully creamy and goes so well with rice. Love <3

Last was the Lechon
Kawali ($8.00)
and it was nothing short of the spectacular deep fried fat I
envisioned. It tastes like “siu yok” which is roasted pork but instead it is
deep fried. This is an heavy dish so I recommend sharing this with many people.

The meat was pretty tender, mostly because it was
surrounded by so much fat. 

Service Rating: 2.5/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy Eating!

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