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L.A. Chicken- I’m Converted

So for everyone who lives in Richmond, I’m sure you’ve heard of this place called L.A. Chicken on Cambie and No.5 Road. Its this hyped up ghetto fried chicken restaurant that everyone talks about but I roll my eyes to. After all, how could their fried chicken, or any fried chicken for that matter be THAT amazing? 

Meta Knight has eaten at L.A. Chicken all his life and he said it was pretty amazing so I followed him here to give it a try.

It is tucked in a little corner and looks super ghetto from the outside. You would never guess from the outside that they serve ‘the best fried chicken in town’.

They have raised their prices over the years so it actually wasn’t cheap. We ordered their 2 pc Chicken Dinner ($9.99) which comes with two pieces of fried chicken, salad (we chose coleslaw), fries, and gravy. No drink.

I would suggest getting take out because their tables are quite uncomfortable and not a good place for a nice meal. There were a couple of people in front of us and they fry their chicken to order (no heat lamps here) so the wait was quite long.

I gotta hand it to them. This was spectacular fried chicken. The batter was light and flaky, the meat was tender and fall off the bone… I have nothing bad to say about their chicken. No matter what you do though, get the Spicy and not the Regular. The spicy version is incredibly seasoned and honestly not spicy at all!

I’m a big fan of pepper so I absolutely loved their pepper gravy. Their coleslaw was piled high and not overly dressed with mayo.

I hate to say it but L.A. Chicken’s hype is legit. Their fried chicken is to die for and I’m craving them right now as I type… Goodbye diet.

Service Rating: N/A (there’s not much service to rate)
Food Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Happy Eating!

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