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La Taqueria Taco Shop (West Hastings)- Who Knew Beef Tongue Could Be So Delicious?

After months and months of wanting to try La Taqueria, I
finally found the opportunity to go after a long meeting I had at SFU Harbour Center.
La Taqueria specializes in authentic Mexican tacos and after having tried them,
I feel like these are the closest I’ve gotten to the real deal in Vancouver.

The exterior is pretty eye-catching and I love how the front
is painted yellow and with flowers and skulls.

The menu is very simple. A meat taco is $2.50 and a veggie
taco is $2.00. The guy behind the counter said most people eat four as a meal
and they sell
4 for $9.50. Since my
friend and I only wanted this as a snack, we shared four.

My friend ordered an apple cider type drink and I ordered a Horchata ($3.00). Horchata is a
traditional Mexican drink made from a combo of almonds, sesame seeds, cinnamon,
sugar, and boiled rice. It had a very unique flavour that I liked but I think
might be a bit weird for people with more conservative palates.

We ordered the Pescado
Taco (fish), Pollo Con Mole (chicken), De Lengua (beef tongue), and Al Pastor
.My ultimate favourite was the beef tongue (bottom right) which
surprised me because I don’t normally love beef tongue. They braised the meat
until it was incredibly tender so it was very easy to eat. I highly recommend getting this.

The fish had way too much liquid (as you can see in the pic) so it was dripping everywhere
whenever we tried to eat it. The Pollo Con Mole was very interesting but the combo of chicken
and chocolate was a bit weird for me. 😛 The Al Pastor was pretty good but the
meat was a bit dry.

Overall, I’m not sure La Taqueria lived up to the hype but they do make some darn good tacos. I’d say it’s worth trying at least once.

Service Rating: 3/5
Food Rating: 3/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 3/5

Happy Eating!

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4 thoughts on “La Taqueria Taco Shop (West Hastings)- Who Knew Beef Tongue Could Be So Delicious?

  • Oh!! You tried the mole!!
    Pescado is really good, but I agree with you about the drippage 🙁 Still good though!
    Tinga de pollo and lengua are also my faves.

    If you go on Tuesdays, buy 4 tacos, get a horchata free!

  • Omg no way!!! I need to go on a Tuesday then! I so want to go back 😛

  • I would totally go for potentially weird yet interesting combinations of ingredients like that horchata drink.
    Let's add this to our list then!


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