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Meat and Bread- Meat. Meet Bread.

I feel like everyone in Vancouver knows about Meat and Bread. This simple concept of (literally) meat, and bread, exploded onto the Vancouver food scene not long ago and now they’re enjoying long lineups every single day with hungry customers salivating over their delicious Porchetta. What an awesome marketing strategy.
This is my second time at Meat and Bread. My first time was two years ago when I worked in Gastown but I remember my experience to be disappointing.
Their setup is pretty interesting because they only have one large communal table and few tiny tables. The turnover is pretty fast though so it’s not too hard to find a spot to sit.
They pretty much only serve four varieties of sandwiches. The famous Porchetta, the Daily Special, Meatball, and Grilled Cheese.
I wasn’t going to order the Porchetta but who could resist when you see that beautifully roasted pork and crispy skin? I noticed that pretty much 90% of the customers also order the Porchetta so I guess I’m not the only one. Heh heh.
Here is the Porchetta ($8.00) + Daily Soup ($4.00) and a dollop of mustard.
The Porchetta was served with Salsa Verde and piled high on their freshly baked ciabatta bread. The bread was okay but not amazing.They also included little bits of crispy skin which gave an awesome unexpected crunch. The porchetta tasted like Chinese roasted pork but with a Western twist.
I particularly liked the fact that the porchetta was very tender but not overly fatty.

The people behind the counter described the soup as “tomato based with lamb broth, eggplant, and white beans”. It was a hearty and healthy soup and I enjoyed it very much. 😀

I didn’t drink their Orange Soda but apparently it tastes like sparkling orange juice.
Overall, I like Meat and Bread and this visit changed my opinion on their success and the hype that surrounds them because I now realize that it is much deserved. Meat. And Bread. What an ingenious idea.
Food Rating: 3.5/5
Service Rating: 3/5
Price: $-$$
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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3 thoughts on “Meat and Bread- Meat. Meet Bread.

  • I will quote what I wrote in Mijune's blog:

    "I have overgrown (sic) the porchetta craze long time ago. Nowadays, I get a baguette and stop by a Chinese BBQ shop for a pound of roasted pork. For $10 or $11 total, you can easily make three or four of those sandwiches."

    Just saying! (Notice this was related to her post on Pronto Caffe, not Meat and Bread; however, the same principle applies).

  • @Janice: Yah! Finally! Took me two years but I did it hahahaha

    @KimHo: True, the prices at Meat and Bread are definitely quite high and we can easily make our own sandwiches for cheaper 😛 but I guess for me it's a one time thing cause I wouldn't want to eat three to four porchetta sandwiches a week! So yeahh haha I'll just buy it once and bear the price lol


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