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Product Review: Skillet Bacon Jam – Bacon-y Goodness

If you have been regularly reading my posts, you may have
noticed that I have a slight obsession with bacon. Especially bacon and
chocolate. 😀 That is why I’m excited to introduce not only my first
product review, but this product of epic bacon-ness.
The people from Skillet were kind enough to send me a sample
of their signature “Bacon Jam” all the way from Seattle. Chef Josh Henderson
started this company in 2007 and it was originally a street food concept. Since
then, they have grown dramatically and they have now expanded to the catering business (ex. weddings, corporate
events, private parties) as well as the food products business.
The Bacon Jam consists of rendered bacon along with a bunch
of spices and onions. It is simmered for about 6 hours and then pureed, blast
chilled, and packaged. When I first opened the cap and took
 a whiff, I was
completely caught off guard. I didn’t expect the bacon smell to be so powerful
but it was!

I first tried it plain on a piece of pita cracker so I could
taste it without any frills or embellishments.
 All you taste is smokey bacon. It was awesome.
Also, a little bit of this jam goes a long way so my small sample actually lasted
me a while.
Next, I tried the bacon jam with another cracker and this
time, with the brie that I bought from the states!
It was oh so fatty but oh so good.
On another occasion, I decided to make some bacon croissants
with my girlfriends! We just used the regular Pillsbury croissant dough and spread
some bacon jam on it before rolling them up.
Viola! In addition to the bacon croissants, we made some chocolate
croissants and cheese croissants too!
They looked so pretty out of the oven. 🙂
The bacon croissant was really delicious! All my
girlfriends really loved how flavourful the bacon jam was and it paired greatly with the croissants.
I really wanted to use the bacon spread in as many different ways as I
could so I tried adding them in my stuffed mushrooms. All I did was take out
the core of the mushroom buttons, stuff them with shredded mozzarella and
cheddar cheese, drop a dollop of the bacon spread, and top it off with chopped green
Before heading into the oven.
Here is the finished product. I really enjoyed the extra
depth of flavour that the bacon spread brings to the stuffed mushrooms. As
well, with the little dollop of bacon, it instantly made these little mushrooms
a bit heartier and more man friendly. Everyone in my family, including my
brother, liked it!
I definitely enjoyed this sample very much and it’s an
interesting specialty product that you can use to show off to your foodie friends. 😛 If
you are from Canada or the US, you can order your own Skillet Bacon Jam at or you
can also visit the selected stores that carry this bacon jam such as Market
Meats on West 4
th Avenue, Gourmet Warehouse on East Hastings St, and
Well Seasoned Gourmet Foods, Inc in Langley (
visit this website for details).
As always, Happy Eating!

4 thoughts on “Product Review: Skillet Bacon Jam – Bacon-y Goodness

  • What an interesting idea!
    Your paired recipe are really genius as well. I love the croissants!
    Seems like it would be much healthier as opposed to the real thing. I'll have to give it a try I think.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  • Thank you Murissa! I actually am not sure if this is a much healthier alternative to the real thing but it sure is yummy!

  • Thanks FreshGreenKim! I wanted to use the bacon jam in unconventional ways so those were what I came up with. Glad you liked them!

    Agreed. Everything IS better with bacon 😀


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