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The American CheeseSteak Co.- What Could Be Better Than Cheese + Steak?!

The American Cheesesteak Co. has been on my wish list for
quite some time now but because I don’t live anywhere close to Yaletown, I
found it hard to purposely commute there just for a cheesesteak.

The show “You Gotta Eat Here!” filmed at American
Cheesesteak Co. just a few days after I came. I love that show so I can’t wait to see that episode!

Meta Knight and I shared a Large Cowboy ($12.00) as it seemed to be the highly recommended one
on the menu.

The large cowboy consisted of shaved prime rib, crispy fried
onions, their homemade spicy BBQ sauce, bacon mayo, and aged white cheddar. I
have to say… this was one indulgent cheesesteak.

The cheese was nice and gooey while the crispy fried onions
gave the whole sandwich a great crunch. The shaved prime rib was absolutely
delicious and they piled quite a bit on there too. I can easily see why this is
one of their top sellers.

In addition to the cowboy, we ordered the small ACC fries ($4.00) to share. The
small was plenty enough for the both of us.

I absolutely love double fried fries. When fries are cooked
twice, the exterior become incredibly crispy while the inside stays nice
and soft. I like that. 😀 These ACC fries were double cooked (obviously) and
tossed with garlic, parsley, and parmesan.
These were so delicious… highly recommended!

They have two stations set up for customers to grab their own lemon
water, condiments, and utensils.

American Cheesesteak Co. has elevated the traditional philly cheesesteak into a wonderful gourmet sandwich. There is no question that I will come back again (even if I have to transit all the way there). The only thing is… which cheesesteak should I get next time?? Any suggestions? 😀

Service Rating: 3.5/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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