Chiness Cusine Yangkochi (Seoul, Korea)- Art of Grilling Meat

I have been eating spicy food every day since I came to
Korea so one day I was in search for anything but Korean food so I could give
my taste buds a little break.

My friends and I came across ‘Chiness Cusine Yangkochi’ (it’s
not a typo) which is a Chinese restaurant located near the campus. It is on the
second floor and pretty hidden so you have to search for the sign,“ The Ho Bar”
which is directly underneath.
What’s cool about this Chinese place is that their
specialty is this rotating grill thing in the middle of the table.
You first order your skewers and they will give it to you
raw like this. This plate of meat costs 16,000 won which is about $15 CAD.

You also get some complimentary side dishes as always. Here,
they serve Chinese preserved veggies, salted peanuts, and raw green onions.
Once they put the hot coals underneath the device, you hook
the skewers up, then just watch it rotate and grill right before your
It was a very cool experience and the meat was extremely
tender, delicious and hot! I felt like I was at a barbeque or something. source: casino sign up bonus no deposit mobile. 😀
Here is a video of the rotating meat and it’s pretty cool if
I say so myself!
The grilled lamb tasted so good with the mixed spices.
The meat was the main attraction but we also ordered some
additional dishes as well. Here is
Ma Po
and it is a very traditional Chinese tofu dish.
This is some type of stir fried eggplant dish that is very
similar to the ones you get in China or Hong Kong except they deep fry (boo!) the
eggplant here.
All of this came up to a little less than $9 CAD per person so I was
more than satisfied! I can’t wait to come back again!
All in all, I had a great time chatting with friends, making
weird faces (as you can see here), and eating delicious and cheap food. The
Foodie Adventure in Korea continues!
Happy Eating!

2 thoughts on “Chiness Cusine Yangkochi (Seoul, Korea)- Art of Grilling Meat

  • So my question is… did the staff speak Chinese? xD
    Btw I really like the first picture with the cute Korean couple licking their popsicles hahaha

  • They did! Mandarin only though, no canto 😛 Dangit!


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