Kirby Goes to Seoul, Korea! Let The Foodie Adventures Begin :)

Hello Y’all! This is Kirby reporting from Seoul, Korea! I arrived
about four days ago and I am actually going to be living in South Korea for a month
for an international exchange program! Then I will be moving to Hong Kong where
I will reside there for another month before I’m back in Vancouver. I’m very
excited about my stay here and I’m definitely not going to waste the
opportunity to document my foodie adventures!

I’m sure many of you know that food here in South Korea is
ridiculously cheap and delicious! That’s why I am determined to taste as much
cheap (harhar :P),unique, and delicious food while I’m here. 😀 By the way, I
am currently studying in Korea University (picture above).
To start off, I took a direct flight from Vancouver to Korea
via the ‘KoreanAir’ airline. The seats were pretty comfortable and there were a
lot of movies, games, and music to choose from.
I thought this was pretty cool. A video game console! I
played some blackjack with this remote but it was okay. LOL Not as fun as I

Now onto the food. Since it’s a Korean airline, they had the
option of “Bibimbap” for our first meal. I chose that option and apparently you
have to assemble it yourself. Since I couldn’t communicate with the flight
attendants in Korean (they all assumed I was Korean and talked to me like I was
fluent O.O), they knew I needed this handy instruction sheet to put it
So what you are suppose to do is put the steamed white rice
(right) into the bowl of vegetables/meat, and then squeeze in the amount of hot
pepper paste you desire, add in sesame oil, and mix it all together. The meal
also included seaweed soup, fresh fruit, and a side of pickled cucumbers (I
Once mixed, it looks like this! It was actually very
delicious and I was so happy and content after eating it. 😀 [
Funny story: I was flying alone so I sat
next to a Korean couple on the plane. We didn’t really talk during the 10-11
hour flight, but near the end, we started talking and the gentlemen sitting
next to me was actually a professor at Korea University! Luckily, he doesn’t
teach during the summer international exchange program (which is the one I’m
in) or else it might be a bit weird if I was in his class. 😛
The day after I landed, I went to a very tiny, old, local
Korean place to eat food with my roommate and this is her
Tuna Bibimbap. It looked absolutely delicious and it was only 5,000
won which is five bucks CAD!
There was
no tips, no tax. 😀 😀
I, on the other hand, ordered the Tuna Omurice ($5 CAD) which is fried rice with tuna wrapped in a
thin omelette and covered with sauce. The fried rice had ketchup in it and was
very saucey. The omelette was super thin and delicious as well so I thoroughly
enjoyed my meal.
These side dishes also came with our meal and are
refillable. I refilled the cucumber dish because it was sooooo darn delicious!
So here is part 1 of my many foodie adventures in Korea! I will try to post as often as I can during my stay here because I’ve experienced so many cool and interesting things here that are not available in Vancouver. If you have no interest in reading about my Korea (and soon to be Hong Kong) foodie adventure, I’ll be reviewing Vancouver restaurants when I’me back in Sept!
Happy Eating!

4 thoughts on “Kirby Goes to Seoul, Korea! Let The Foodie Adventures Begin :)

  • Ooh I absolutely hate airplane food, but the bibimbap looks decent! Looking forward to more Korea posts! 🙂

  • Omg bibimbap on the plane. That's like heaven compared to the stuff I had on Lufthansa.

  • Enjoying Korea? Hopefully you get to hit some of those places I recommended to you =)

  • @janice and @ steph: haha ya it was really good airplane food!! LOL

    @Louis: I sure am! I will definitely be hitting some (if I can find it!) LOL I realize there are no street names so its beyond difficult to find places here!


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