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Mega Sushi- Cherry Blossom Roll, Paradise Roll… and MONKEY BRAINS!

I had a lovely reader (Thanks Jarka!) recommend this
relatively new restaurant to me. They opened in May and it’s called Mega
Sushi. It is located in Steveston, close to Garry Point Park.

The location is off the center of Steveston so it’ll be hard
to stumble upon this restaurant if you are just taking a stroll around the

I came here with my Richmond foodie buddies Janice (from
goodeat) and Steph (from krispybites) just a few days ago and we were all
slightly surprised and impressed by this place!

The first thing we found intriguing was how the green tea
was served. The teapot seemed like it was made from cast iron and the cups were
designed to ensure your hands don’t burn from the hot tea. So fancy, right?! The tea was free of charge too which was great.

By the way, Mega Sushi is a little pricier than your average
sushi joint. However, given the quality of their food and the fact that every
dish comes with remarkable presentation, it is worth it.

The Salmon Sashimi 6
pcs ($7.95)
was unlike any salmon sashimi I’ve ever tasted. There were no
visible white lines of fat in the meat and it was overall really lean. The
texture was also denser than the ones I’m accustomed to eating but I have a
feeling it’s because they use wild caught salmon.

The Cherry Blossom
Roll ($12.95)
was the highly recommended item by Jarka because of the
unique combination of ingredients. The roll consisted of avocado, cucumber, crab
meat, salmon (which laid on top), apple sauce, and tobiko.

The roll itself is pretty much a standard California roll. However,
the addition of salmon, apple sauce, and popping tobiko elevated the roll into
something much more refreshing and delicious.

When I saw this on the menu I just knew I had to get it.
Luckily, both Steph and Janice are very adventurous when it comes to food so
they just agreed with ordering this. This dish is called
Monkey Brain ($8.95) and it’s a big ball of yummy goodness.

It’s essentially deep fried avocado that is wrapped around
crab meat and cooked tuna. With the greenish colour and the sauce on top, it
does kind of look like brains. Alien brains. 😛

I went bananas (get it?! :D) over this dish because I  loved the subtle spicy crab meat filling against
the soft, ripe avocado. Plus, the added crunchy exterior didn’t hurt either. 😀
This appetizer is highly recommended!

We also ordered another specialty roll, the Paradise Roll ($11.95). It is a deep
fried California roll with seaweed salad, tobiko, and spicy mayo on top. The
presentation of this was beautiful as always and I really enjoyed the roll.

I feel like you can’t really go wrong ordering their specialty
rolls because it is bound to be visually and tastefully appealing. (
I hope there is such a thing as ‘tastefully appealing’ …
but you get what I mean

Halfway during our meal, we were given three complementary Negi-Hama Nigris by the chef. I have
never tried negi-hama (hamachi mixed with green onion) before so I can’t
accurately judge how great this was. 

Personally, I thought it tasted a little
bland but it was okay. I definitely like negitoro better though.

All in all, it was a great experience but it did hurt my wallet
a little bit. It came up to about $18 per person for lunch which is a little
steep for me. However, I would still highly recommend this restaurant and I
will, without a doubt, be returning.  

Service Rating: 4/5
Food Rating: 4/5
Price: $$-$$$

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Eating!

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5 thoughts on “Mega Sushi- Cherry Blossom Roll, Paradise Roll… and MONKEY BRAINS!

  • You are so fast 🙂 I haven't even started my post.

    Mmmm monkey brains, I saw that on the menu before you guys got here and for one sec I really thought it was… monkey… brains… o.O until I read the description. How disappointing 😛
    You gave Janice and I too much credit for being "adventurous". Eating fried avocado really isn't that adventurous!

  • Darn I was working on the post yesterday night and thought I might be first for once…. And of course that didn't happen. Lol.

  • @steph: haha well it's a bit adventurous!! I am always fast w my post haha cus I like to write the recent ones rather than the ones from before (so bad tho)

    @janice: aww you were close!! I can't wait to read your post too!

    And by the way girls I'm at the airport now ready to leave! I'll hopefully post some deliciousness when I arrive in Korea!!! 😀 farewell for now!

  • woa, the paradise roll and the monkey brains look quite different in these pictures compared to our visit. This restaurant was sooo good, the chefs are really masters in decorating food. It was my first true sushi experience and I loved it (my favourite dish were the monkey brains ^_^, so crispy! *drools* :P).


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